September 2016. I travelled to Ibiza to experience the island that has been a mecca for music enthusiasts for decades. Whilst the holiday destination is famous for it’s party culture, there is an element that is often forgotten, it’s local culture. After all Ibiza is much more than it’s clubs, it has a vibrant Spanish heritage which can be seen all around the island. Taking a day out to appreciate this makes a holiday complete.

A place that is a perfect example of this is the town of Ibiza located on the southern part of the isle. The port town is made up a main town centre full of shops for more fashion concerned tourists, a dock area full of many expensive yachts and the old town (also known as Dalt Vila) Nearby is the Castell de Eivissa, high up on the hill of the town. The Castle which is an impressive monument in itself provides a perfect vantage point for viewing the surrounding area.

Like most areas on the island the town is best accessed by bus, or by taxi if you have the money. I would personally recommend going on a sunny day as ibiza town’s latin style streets are a pleasure to wander around for hours. Other attractions to visit whilst in the area include Cathedral of Santa Maria d’Eivissa at the top of Dalt Vila as well as great selection of local bars and restaurants.

The photographs below are just a selection from my day trip to the town. As a final thought I would recommend seeing this place maybe more than once over a space of a holiday (In the day and at night) as there is plenty to see for all types of traveller.











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