Ibiza Part II: The Coast & Formentera

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The island of Ibiza is truly a natural beauty, a crafted paradise where you can lose yourself in the Balearic surroundings. One of the best ways to see the island is to take a boat cruise that follows the perimeter of the coastline finally docking at the southerly island of the Pityusic Islands, Formentera. Boat cruises leave from both San Antonio and Ibiza town ports regularly during the week costing around thirty euros.

Along the way you can take in the vast costal landscape, which is nothing short of picturesque. The journey from San Antonio also passes the famous island of Es Vedrà, the third most magnetic spot on earth. A place shrouded with legend and mystery, it is widely considered to be an essential part of any traveller’s time in Ibiza.

Once you reach Formentera, the town has a few shops and restaurants, but aside from that the main attraction to the island is it’s collection of perfect beaches and coves. The beaches do tend to be busy during the holiday season, but location more than makes up for this with its clear waters and stunning backdrop. It is a place where you can explore to your hearts content and satisfy anyone’s need for wanderlust.

I spend a day there in September whilst holidaying in Ibiza and have compiled a series of photographs to accompany this article, I would highly recommend this trip to anyone making the journey to Ibiza in 2017.
















Full ZF: Ibiza Album: http://bit.ly/2d8uHyi

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