For the duration of my stay in Ibiza, I was located in the heart of the majorly touristic area of Ibiza, San Antonio. The town located on the north west part of the island is full to the brim of hotels for holiday makers and a host of clubs that follow its sea coastline. It’s the hub of entertainment in paradise for people of all ages.

Personally though, I was fascinated in the look of the local environment. During the day a sun kissed latin style collection of beach front and buildings covered in colourful street art and at night, a vibrant neon lit bar sprawl where anyone can get caught up the wild party lifestyle and the music that attracts people from around the globe, year after year.

Key places to visit (Or ones I would recommend at least) would include Cafe Mambo & Cafe del Mar that sits along the sea promenade. Both places are enjoyable, during the day just to walk there or during the evening to drink there, the former offers weeknight Live DJs sets in the evening.

There are a vast number of restaurants but in terms of something a bit different I would definitely recommend visiting Skinny Kitchen for a dose of healthy food or if your after a decent Sunday lunch during your visit I would personally recommend Casita restaurant thats about 25 minutes from “The Egg” (the undisputed centre of San Antonio)

But once over the course of my last couple of days visiting Ibiza, I managed to fit in both a daytime and night-time shoot capturing its previously mention locational traits, re-visiting some of the places that made up my journey of the town.

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