Whilst re-organising past work for Zone Focus. (i.e my portfolio) I’ve often come across work that I’d completely forgotten that I had done. From my early beginnings as a photographer to random little projects that never quite got completed. So moving forward I’m going to dedicate a feature each month to past projects vis a vis “Throwback Thursday” (#TBT) type articles. In true ZF fashion I’m going to link some music to the writing also for a visual and audio mix to complement the writing.


By far one of my favourite cities, it has been a source of many of my photographic projects in recent years. It is a city that you can spend a week, a month, a year in and you’ll never see everything it has to offer, it holds many wondrous secrets, just waiting to be experienced. For me it has always filled my want for wanderlust and exploration. I first started visiting 5 years ago when my family moved there, making the journey to see them there every 6 months or so from England. For this article in particular, however I want to look at one time that I visited in late 2012.

I went over by myself to look after my parents house whilst they were away and during this period I started to practice street portraiture whilst walking around the Parisian streets. I focused on people, something that I don’t often do, people who’s lives were essentially interlinked with the urban space that they inhabited. The collection of images below is a sample of that work plus some other digital finds from my trips to the city.

People of ParisĀ 

Some French Music I like

Paris Streets


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