The 5 minutes with… series was one of the projects that was started when Zone Focus was founded back in late 2014. The main aim of these features was to interview underground DJs and producers, to complement photographs I had taken of the artists at events. Now in 2017, it makes a return, now focusing on up and coming artists and their music. Linking this with a free download on the ZF Soundcloud, this project is set to become a main feature on the website and I hope you enjoy the articles over the next few months.


The first artist to be interviewed is Tancrède, a 25 years old, french graphic designer and producer born and raised in Paris. His style in both music and design is fantastically experimental. His track, Parallel Bizarre Situations has elements of progressiveness with deeper tones, in keeping with his signature take on Lo-Fi production. We are very proud to present, Entrave as the first artist in this series of interview features.


ZF: When you play live, what kind of vibe do you create for your audience? 
what tracks do you pick to do this?

Entrave: “I’m leaning towards a vibe that is melancholic and sorrowful yet hopeful. I mean, it could be very dark but there would have with little rays of light and sparks here and there. Giving the audience both energy and the ability to take them out of themselves, like a journey through some mysterious spacial landscapes. I wouldn’t use the term “tracks” as it’s more improvised jams that I make with the different machines I use. But yes, I’m inclined towards jams that provide the vibe I described above. Lot of pads, strings, arpeggios, 808 drums, 303 lines, weird samples I dig on an art web-site, as well as 12″s I got in my collection.”

ZF: What is the music scene like in your local area?

Entrave: The music scene in Paris is pretty diverse and active. There’s a lot of things happening, a lot of collectives who get the lead out. I personally know very well the Beat X Changers collective (which evolved in a label thereafter) who I worked with as a graphic designer. I’d say the scene is very stimulating and that is good.”

ZF: What would you consider to be your greatest musical influence as an artist?

Entrave: “Oh. That is a difficult question to answer to be honest as there are many artists that influenced me a lot. To name a few;  Autechre, Plaid, Aphex Twin, Clark,…James Stinson, Drexciya (and all Stinson projects), Convextion but also Jay Dilla, Madlib, Lonnie Liston Smith, Maceo Parker,… There also contemporary artists that have a great influence on me : Terekke, Patricia, Image Man,… The list is long and plentiful. I thrive on all these minds and souls.”

ZF: Being both a graphic designer and producer, Does your music and design work link together conceptually or do they exist in different creative realms?

Entrave: Yes. As a graphic designer, I’m kind of fascinated by analog, gritty, and sometimes warped, textures; the grain it has. But that’s not what I’m doing most of the time for the clients I work with. This is more like my personal side of graphic design, far from the norm. So yes, I’d say that I’m playing with textures and grittiness in the music I make.”

ZF: How do you balance the two projects with each other?
Would you consider one more a hobby and one more of a job?

Entrave: “Being a graphic designer is my job. But I’m working as a freelance and my desktop is both the place I work and make music. I wouldn’t consider making music as a job, or maybe later, I don’t know how things will be. Anyway, I need to have the two in my life, that’s for sure as they’re connected and thrive on each other”

ZF: What is your signature piece of clothing?

Entrave: “Erm, I don’t really have a signature piece of clothing I think. I just like to wear trousers that are not blue-jeans, something I feel comfy in”

ZF: What was the best performance you saw last year and why?

Entrave: “I haven’t seen many performances but one of the best was Mndsgn & Ivan Ave for the Helping Hands tour. That’s a dope album if you’re curious checking it out. Anyway, it was a very cool night and as a beats/hip-hop fan, I couldn’t be more happy. Actually I started making music and making beats on the MPC 1000 which is the first piece of gear I bought.”

Thank you Entrave for your time, words and music.

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