The 5 minutes with… series was one of the projects that was started when Zone Focus was founded back in late 2014. The main aim of this was to interview underground DJs and producers to complement photographs I had taken of the artists at events. Now in 2017, it makes a return, focusing on up and coming artists and their music. Linking this with a free download on the ZF Soundcloud, this project is set to become a main feature on the website and I hope you enjoy the articles over the next few months.


DJ Psychiatre is a 25 year old producer/DJ who is located in France. He doesn’t want to reveal his name revealed on the internet as he works as an intern in a public sector. Like most producers his free time is spent making music in his bedroom. His track ‘How Do We Say Sorry In Klingon’ is an impeccable blend of Star Trek vocal snippets, floaty piano keys and Lo-Fi percussions, making this track a real journey into Space.


ZF: What was your first experience with electronic music?

DJ-P: “As a music-maker, I started doing some ambient stuff when I was 19 with Reason and it was like one of the most awful softwares I’d used in my life, always struggling to make things right. Finally managed to get some hip-hop remixes that have been kind of trending. But it’s over now, was a good start though.” 

“As a listener I obviously had a feeling for French touch productions : Supermen Lovers, Mr Oizo, Daft Punk, Mojo… They all had this kind of good vibrations and filtered stuff, I think there are some common points with the actual “lo-fi scene”, call it what you want.”

ZF: Which do you prefer performance or production and why?

DJ-P: “I’m rather shy and I’m a very bad dj so I would say I prefer production by far. You can stay at home, alone, enjoying some very loud music and messing with your keyboard. That’s something I would make everyday I could. Spent countless hours on my bed just adjusting some levels or automations. Also there is this feeling that when you put your songs online, you take some distance with the feedbacks, I hate to share a song I made with a direct audience.”

ZF: Has the project/alias changed at all since you first started it?

DJ-P: “Yes, this is my third alias but I don’t want to talk about it much, things will get clearer in the near future. I’m pretty sure some will know my previous alias.”

 ZF: What has been the best part of the project so far?

DJ-P: “I must say I’m pretty stoked to see this many positive feedbacks. I did not expect that much and mostly not this fast. I’ve had one physical release as a tape on House Plants Records, one of my favorite labels, I’ve been lucky to take part to the first Step Back Trax compilation alongside one of the best music-makers of today, I’ve been talking to a lot a kind people. I’m very happy right now.”

ZF: What are your hopes for the future?

DJ-P: “I’d like to make more physical releases, that’s what I enjoy the most, tapes or 12”. Musically I would like to vary my style more with techno, jungle or ambient stuff. I like to use in my songs some unlikely samples like in my Drop The Bomb project, I would also like to make this a series of releases with other collaboratiors and artists involved.”

ZF: If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

DJ-P: Won’t be a uncommon answer as he is an icon for a lot of music producers today but I would say Legowelt. He is a true inspiration, his style is unique, I like the way he keeps things simple and natural yet his sound is complex and deep. I like his website where you can find a lot of fun stuff and useful tools, without talking about the design itself. I saw him live twice and it was beyond amazing, real atmospherical acid ambient raving techno, a legend. I would give a lot to simply talk about music with him.”

ZF: Do you prefer the day or the night, and why?

DJ-P: I prefer the day cause I get tired pretty easily and I don’t hold the night like I used to. My favorite would be a day I don’t work and I can stay in my bed and listen to music alongside Youtube.”

ZF: Is there anything about modern culture you strongly agree/disagree with?

DJ-P: I strongly disagree with all these hateful articles about the lo-fi community. Music is about sharing what you feel with other people, it does not have to be serious nor to be professional. You can feel emotions in 56 kHz. Who cares more about the names than the music itself ? It is sad that sometimes all you have to do to get your click rate up is to join the hate train.”

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