Vondelpark is probably one of Amsterdam’s prettiest landmarks. During the summer when I visited in 2016, I went on a number of occasions to get some exercise by walking/cycling around it and to “relax” whilst “enjoying the vibe”. My memory of the place is hazy sunny days, wandering around without a care in the world. You might wonder why then, why all the photographs below are full of grey skies and it seems a little dull and bleak in most of the pictures.

One thing I have learnt in photography (also in life) is you can plan all you want, but one element that does what the fuck it wants is the weather. That particular day of shooting was plagued by cloudy skies and rain for most of the day. However I’m not one to just delete a body of work due to a little precipitation. Instead I have focused on highlighting one of Vondelpark’s best features, It’s environment and natural characteristics. It’s surroundings are lush with greenery as far as the eye can see. I think that just on it’s own is beautiful. To paraphrase something a friend said to me at the time, “to appreciate something properly, you have to look away for a while then return to it, only then will you see it’s true qualities.” I think he was feeling rather philosophical; can’t imagine why.





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