Whilst re-organising past work for Zone Focus. (i.e my portfolio) I’ve often come across work that I’d completely forgotten that I had done. From my early beginnings as a photographer to random little projects that never quite got completed. So moving forward I’m going to dedicate a feature each month to past projects vis a vis “Throwback Thursday” (#TBT) type articles. In true ZF fashion I’m going to link some music to the writing also for a visual and audio mix to complement the writing.


A city of pure hedonism. Sex, drugs and rave music. That’s how Amsterdam is sold to young tourists around the world. To a certain point those statements are completely correct. Those who solely want that kind of thing, can certainly enjoy those vices in places like the cannabis cafes and red light district. Now I’m not saying thats a bad thing (as I have “visited” the former) I just think that there’s more to the city than its XXX culture. I have already talked about the lush greenery of Vondelpark and over the next couple of photo features on ZF I will visit some other locations of interest in ‘The Dam’.

But first lets take it back to twenty fifteen. My first time visiting the wonderful city was in June with a few friends. I believe the first time you visit a place is kinda special because you have no bearing of the place. You experience your surroundings with a completely fresh mind; this was certainly true for Amsterdam. We spent a lot of time walking around the city taking in its parks, canals and backstreets; each different place more colourful and interesting than the last. It was the first time I had shot an entire trip on 35mm film, but unfortunately one B&W film roll never made it to production (lost somewhere on the trip home) so the pictures you see below are from the colour selections.

The Dam in 35mm

Music from a ‘Dam’ good festival

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