The centre of Amsterdam is where the magic happens. You can find everything that it is famous for there; Bicycles, Coffee shops and Windows with beckoning women in. Then there are the countless monuments and photo opportunities for instagram hungry tourists. It is truly an eye-opener when you experience it for the first time.

When I went in 2016 I felt that I had already seen this part of Amsterdam, but I had not photographed it properly. My logic is what better way to see a place is through the eyes of a local, or at least someone who knows about the city, history and culture. So I went on the alternative walking tour to follow a route that passes the previously mentioned landmarks in the centre of Dam (something I recommend if your ever visiting the city).

As with many of my photographic projects I don’t end up editing them until months later (almost a year later…my bad). I can honestly say I really enjoyed editing these images. There’s something about Amsterdam’s subject matter that makes editing them an interesting process. Much like with the Vondelpark images, I have focused on the colour in the frame, this time twisting it order to change the perception of reality in a well known format of tourism photography.


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