Veytik goes by the name of Justin Peterson, a 31 year old resident of Connecticut, originally from Arizona. After serving in the US Army for 10 years, he suffered from PTSD following 3 tours of combat duty. He experienced many hard and difficult times during this period. However whilst in Germany, he realised his passion was in electronic music production and from that point on became his main motivation, using it to improve his own life and reach out to people in a similar situation. ‘Unite’ is a tribute to this mantra. A slick melodic techno track at its core, you can immediately tell that a lot of time and effort has gone into the production of this song, combining percussion and synths perfectly, with a mysterious vibe allowing listeners to explore their own subjective thoughts on the song.

Art Vibes Music:


ZF: Can you tell me a little bit about before the Veytik project/alias.
Where did you start out?

Veytik: I started out as D1rty Kickz and have had a decent run on the circuit as this but I realised there was no real substance behind the music. Nothing I can really say that it is me and not a real target audience. So I admit it was not ideal to being maybe a true musician who writes from the soul (although half of the songs have very specific backgrounds I wrote on like Falling for example). I had a song called Cave Rave years back as DK and a man once wrote me that he was going through distressing times and bouts of depression and that song (even with no main vocal lines) had helped him through a tough time. I realized I wanted to not just make good music & do something different BUT also do something genuine that speaks to people I can relate to besides just making “fat beats”. Another chance after the military to stand for something. So Veytik was born.

ZF: How did the Veytik Alias project come about?

Veytik: The name Veytik is the Jewish/Yiddish word for Pain. I thought this fitting for my ethnic background being Jewish-American and it is the most purest emotion I carry. It is a double-edged sword that I wield to create what I have started as Veytik that fuels the fire of my past. I had very rough times even after the military from being homeless and mental breakdown but I always stayed true to my goal of music. Veytik is a dark, mysterious sound with triumphant basslines, haunting melodies and intimate drums that speaks to a certain audience from my very essence.

The mask is spawned originally from a favourite musical of mine the Phantom of the Opera. Not the same one but similar. Similar the I can relate to the character that was the phantom himself. And in my own concept, the mask is something we all hide behind. The mask that protects us from the ‘social contract’ of society saying what is & is not acceptable. People like myself and different, live in a society where medication, therapy & mental/physical disorders are “different”. I were this to stand not just with but for anyone who has any condition that they may or may not be ashamed of that inhibits them to grow. And through the music & my image, help destroy these barriers by making them a topic in music besides just love songs. 

ZF: What are your personal goals musically for 2017?

Veytik: For 2017, I would like to start weaving a tale about Veytik & who I am, what I can do and begin a journey through my sonic signature. As well as work with other artists because coming together is part of my message. Which is partially why we created the label, Art Vibes Music.

ZF: On the subject of Art Vibes Music, How did the idea for this label form?

Veytik: Art Vibes Music is based in Montreal, Canada. It started as 4 people and has grown into something nice. The idea was a forward-thinking label in terms on electronic music with essence and soul. We formed after i met Eryck Wyseman through a remix competition. Amine Amara (Mynox, Pandhora) & Ruslan Pavlov are the other CORE members that formed it even though we have since grown. We each had a part besides just making music, Eryck the business & finance, Amine, website/artwork/social media, Ruslan, contracts/promotion & myself, mixing & mastering/audio engineering.

ZF: What is your process for selecting artists and tracks for AVM?

Veytik: We focus on quality but it is not the only criteria. We want artists with a strong identity and sound signature. We also want artists with strong musical knowledge. We have to have a 3 out of 4 agreement on a track and then we will sign it. But when you are on Art Vibes Music, we a re a close-knit family who share ideas & projects as well as anything from helping with each others social media or something more personal.

ZF: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Veytik: In 5 years, I would like to see Veytik hosting a night with other friends/artists that isn’t just a night for music, but a journey on my theme or similar themes. A masquerade withouts mask to be yourself and not hide behind the mask that we metaphorically wear, to come out that night into the real and unadulterated you.

And similar for Art Vibes Music, to grow the label into a bigger community and host showcases or “Family” nights that have our own vibe. Like the old Sensation White parties in 2004,2005, 2006 I was at in Holland. A whole 5-7 hours in either a dark place, a loving place or a healing place. Hopefully stopping by at the BPM Festival or SXM Festival next year

ZF: How would you describe your perfect day?

Veytik: My perfect day is any way, shape or form I get to play/share music for someone or DJ even it is just one person.

ZF: What is your signature dish that you can cook?

Veytik: I am very creative in the kitchen but a favorite of mine to share for people is in the morning, Eggs Benedict with my own hollandaise sauce and smoked salmon and a touch of Lingonberry jam OR in the evening, a pre-marinated hamburger with toppings such as avocado, an egg, bacon.

Thank you to Veytik for his contribution to the 5 Minutes with…project.


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