The final part of my Amsterdam story comes from my love of documenting urban spaces and street art. Before I went on my trip, I was speaking with a friend of mine who is a bit handy with a spray can and he said I should definitely visit NDSM Wharf (Werf is the Dutch word). As a fellow graffiti enthusiast I knew to trust his judgement and go to explore what he described as; “Wall to wall paintings and cool installations”.

The best way to get to NDSM Wharf, is to take a ferry across Pont het ij (which is free) from behind the Amsterdam central station. Other methods of travel you can find on the NDSM website. I recommend the ferry journey though as you get a great view of the waterfront. It also presents a good photo opportunity for when you pass the abandoned submarine, just as you enter the NDSM harbour (sounds cool already right?).

When you first step off the boat, you can see the more practical side of the area, independent shops and a building development where they have reused old shipping containers for cheap affordable housing. There is also the very bohemian and hip Bar/Restaurant, Pllek which sits on the waterfront. Although I didn’t eat there, I can say that they make a pretty decent G&T.

I was here to see the old shipyard area, where graffiti and street art painters come from all over the netherlands to showcase their talents. This is where I ended up photographing for the afternoon. My friend was correct, the art was literally wall to wall, an impressive collection of different styles and techniques. It was almost like visiting an outdoor gallery of sorts and I honestly could have spent hours there.

When editing the photographs down for presentation I wanted to show the raw urban nature of the environment, paying particular attention to the primary colours of the subject matter. The you can see the results below. I hope you have enjoyed this travel series in Amsterdam. Check out my previous adventures Part I: Vondelpark and Part II: Centre.


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