Bringing in the softer sounds today is London producer, Blo. His music has a lighter retro touch in house type productions. But in order to describe his music effectively I must describe where you should listen to ‘Gay for Marvine’. It should be listened by a pool in a paradise location with a view of a good sunset, because the track is seriously chill. Sink away into its relaxed groove and let those beautiful vocals wash over you.



ZF: Living in London, do you draw any inspiration from the city at all?

Blo: I guess I do, London’s aesthetics work so well with electronic music!

ZF: How would you describe your production process? Do you use more analog equipment or DAW software?

Blo: A mix of the two really, I don’t have the money for all the equipment I want so you have to make concessions and sometimes use daw based production.

ZF: What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic career?

Blo: I don’t really know what those would be, but I’m talking with some guys about releasing something soonish.

ZF: What music have you been listening to recently, who are your favourite artists?

Blo: A lot of different stuff really. I’ve been listening to a lot of Jazz recently guys like Yusef Kamal or Avishai Cohen. Electronic wise I’ve been really in an acid house phase and have been really enjoying the latest output by the Allisandnot crew and the timeless Acid Phase by Emmanuel Top!

ZF: Which characteristics do you consider make the perfect song? 

Blo:  I don’t think there really is a perfect song because then people would stop making tunes altogether. But I would say a beautiful melody.

ZF: If you could release music or be signed to any label what would it be?

 Blo: Firecracker records or 1080p have been blowing my mind

ZF: If you had a time machine, what date would you travel back in time to?

Blo: Mid-seventies! I would give anything to hear the Rolling Stones live back then!

ZF: Do you have any holidays planned for this year at all (or anywhere you want to go?)

Blo: Hopefully going back surfing in Morocco…

Cheers for the chat Blo! 


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