Zone Focus presents L I F E – L I N E

A Lo-Fi VA Compilation project bringing together electronic artists from around the world. The first in a series of releases from ZF; this collection of tracks showcases the experimental nature of the producers featured. All free to download, enjoy the sounds. In addition to the tracks ZF asked each artist to submit a quote or text about life in general or advice they would give to their listeners. The results are featured below.

Adam Emil 


Track: Satisfied
Location: CPH
Life Info: “Respect your surroundings, both human and natural”

DJ Safeword


Track: Mariah
Location: UK

Life Info: Sometimes it’s difficult to have confidence in your own ability, so when people give you positive advice, or opportunities, it’s hard to act upon it and exit your comfort zone. I’ve learned in recent months that if you open yourself up to new experiences and take the chances you’re being offered you can really find yourself in a beautiful position – don’t get scared off by the timing or ‘what ifs’.

My life advice would be to return the knowledge, or the favours, that were once given to you. Be the same kind of person that took the time to reach out to you, or teach you, and help others out if you have something to share.

Bob Ross


Track: Ahahaha
Location: Glasgow
Life Info: “Art is how we decorate space, music is how we decorate time”

When someone is speaking about a past event or previous point in life, one of the first things that we remember is what music we were listening to at the time. So if you find yourself stressed out, stuck in a day-to-day routine holding down a job or studying for a course, switch up the music you’re listening to. For me there’s nothing better than sitting down for a few hours and digging up some good tunes. It could be just what you need to combat the burdens of modern life.

Buddy Broke


Track: Homes
Sicily, Italy.
Life Info: ‘Nostalgia is key’



Track: Life Is A Balancing Act
Location: West Midlands UK
Life Info: Life is a balancing act, just try your best to manage & enjoy the experience. (However shaky)



Track: Untitled 444
Location: Cologne, Germany
Life Info: “In music I tend to use distortion effects and wonder why it doesn’t sound like Art Department…”



Track: Falling Apart
Location: Utrecht, The Netherland
Life Info: “Speak less than you know; have more than you show.”

Rick Sheen


Track: Whitewall Theory
Location: Swansea, UK
Life Info: “I honestly couldn’t live without good old English tea. The kettle is an extremely sought after piece of kit in my studio, situations where there is no milk or a shortage of teabags can in-fact result in a meltdown haha”.



Track: Stand Out In The Rain
Location: I live in London, UK. Originally from Sicily, Italy.



Track: First U
Location: Luxembourg
Life Info: Talking about an important moment in my life as an artist is surely the first time I heard a Daft Punk tune. I was about 10 years old and Digital Love ran on MTV. I immediately fell in love. I started looking for their other tunes on YouTube and found all their albums followed by Thomas’ solo tracks and Guy-Manuel’s Le Knight Club project. All the disco samples from the 70’s and 80’s combined with funky basslines really impressed me. Probably since then music started to play a major role in my life. I always felt the urge to do what they did. I really love to sample for my own productions while adding a personal touch to it. For my track ‘First U’ I sampled Lone’s masterpiece ‘Jaded’.



Track: Ssink
Location: NYC
Life Info: “not for nothing”



Track: I Will Drive Out The Evil
Location: Germany
Life Info: Dwell on the beauty of life.Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.



Track: Un Kilo De Tomates
Location: Vancouver, Washington
Life Info: Never stop trying new things, because you never know when you’ll find what you truly need if you don’t. It’s easy to just settle for something stable and easy, but you’ll most likely feel empty in life if you do this versus going out and trying new things, ultimately having fun.

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