Yesterday we celebrated women’s equality and rights all around the world via the international women day organisation. On a whole I think this year it has gain a far wider attention than before, which is at least a step forward in recognising that even though progress has been made there is definitely room for improvement in the lives of women around the world. What was also great to see is that music media brands paid close attention to the event and created some great articles which highlighted the women who deserve to be admired for their skills. I released a new Top 10 article, dedicated to female artists also.

I think today’s artist is really quite special. Sobrenadar is a female producer from Argentina, the first artist we’ve had from that continent let alone the country. Her productions have gained her worldwide attention, playing at major festivals like Sonar, Barcelona and Robot Festival. She is also a part of the alumni in the Red Bull Music Academy (Paris). She has very kindly donated her track ‘Los Estados’ (The states) to our ZF  download collection. ‘Los Estados’ has an ambient feel with disco overtones. Along with some superb female vocals, it almost has a vaporwave vibe to it. Simply, It’s a lovely piece of music.



ZF: Your personal sound is very unique 
How would you describe it to a stranger of your music?

Sobrenadar: Electronic beats, with soft synths and guitars and dreamy vocals.

ZF: Last year you did a track with Mallard and Gernot for Red Bull Academy
How was it working with the Red Bull company?

Sobrenadar: I’ve learned so much from those days working next to great musicians, producers and the best engineers. Imagine 24 studios fully equipped for you and your mates to created music together, it was one of those things that completely changes you. Both after and before and I’m very grateful for the experience. One of the results of the academy is this track that I love and we recorded it with Malard (participant from Colombia) and Gernot Bronsert.

ZF: You have a strong following on both Soundcloud and Facebook
What do you think was the key to your success?

Sobrenadar: Social media are very important these days, it is a good tool for reach a lot of people. I try to keep posting almost everyday about gigs, new tracks, collaborations or interviews. But to have that material you have to be very active and be creating all the time, for me is important that reflect what I’m doing in the most authentic way. I record at home almost every day for myself or other musicians too, and maybe that’s the key, keep working and also: never pay for likes or followers.

ZF: Who are your greatest musical influences?

Sobrenadar: I remember the first CD I bought when I was 12 was Urban Hymns form The Verve. I think I’ve got influenced by they sound a lot. Then, years later I drowned into dream pop and shoegaze projects and electronic music also. Cocteau Twins, Air and Charlotte Gainsbourg inspired me a lot. Japanese music from the 80s too; Haruomi Hosono, Shigeo Sekito, Mariah and many others.

 ZF: What is the music scene like in Argentina at the moment?

Sobrenadar: It’s full of great artists that are helping to keep the scene alive. At least the scene that I feel inspired by. But, in general, Argentina its a country of rock music and pop, also Reaggeton and folklore. Those are the main genres that are leading the media, so it’s important for me and other musicians to support each others and make the best we can to encourage our little world to evolve and the ones who are not involved into the mainstream have a better place to show they musc and be valued.

ZF: Where do you want to perform next?

Sobrenadar: Last year I perform in this beautiful place on the top of the mountain, surrounded by pine trees with my feet in the snow and was one of the best experience ever. I hope to come back there soon.

ZF: What is your favourite film and why?

Sobrenadar: Is hard to pick one, but the last that become my favourite is ‘El Abrazo De La Serpent (Embrace of the serpent). A Colombian film that tells a journey into an Amazonian heart of darkness.Visually and emotionally stunning, transports you into the realm of the mystical and surreal. It is perfect.

 ZF: If you could be anyone in history, who would it be?

Sobrenadar: The first human on earth.

ZF: What is your opinion of Women in the music industry?

Sobrenadar: It is important to pay attention to what women are doing now and above all, at this moment, where things are changing (for good). In the day to day with our words and actions we are being responsible for that the history continues evolving until we arrive in that point when we have equality of rights for everyone.

ZF: Is any particular artist that you feel is a great example of female empowerment in music or who stands out as a unique DJ/Producer?

Sobrenadar: I think Bjork is a good example. Her speech is so powerful and her work is unique. She (and many others) finds herself in a good place where many people can hear her voice and start to take conscience.

ZF: If there was anything you could change about the industry what would it be?

Sobrenadar: That which is mostly heard on television, radio or social networks that always end up sounding like it was made from the same person. I mean, without soul. I wish that that kind of music stop getting all the attention and start to be a balance. I wish there was room for everyone and I value when an artist gets ahead of fame, money or that plastic fake life.

ZF: Do you think that currently Women have equal opportunities to Men in music? 

Sobrenadar: I think we are going down that road and I see more and more women that are involved in this, with so much to say and do!

Thank you to Sobrenadar for her music and words! 


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