Bringing in the sounds of an experimental nature is Swedish artist, Annawooh. A resident of Frankfurt Germany, she started her musical journey in a post/punk band Herpes from Berlin. In the past couple of years since leaving the band in 2011, she has formed and developed her own solo project which features more ambient sounds. Riot is very unique in its essence, a mixture of synths and modulators making up a sound that is filled with clashing emotions. A previously unreleased ambient track that was made in 2012,  Annawooh gifts this to ZF now for free download.


ZF: What was your first experience with electronic music?

Annawooh: All music I ever made was electronic since it has always been based on synthesisers. The first time I thought about ever making music was when I discovered Kraftwerk as a teenager.

ZF: Your back catalogue stretches back to the Herpes Discography albums in 2008.
What was your involvement with this project?

Annawooh: I was the keyboard player and one of the earliest members of the band. At start I was mostly playing baselines on the keys since we lacked a bass player (as well as a drummer) in the band. It did not take long, however, until we also had a bass player and a drummer in the band and this gave me room to do more “synth like” things with the synth, but it always had a bassline/organ character to it. I was inspired by North american synth punk bands like The Screamers, Le Shok and Devo. In addition to playing the keys, I also co-wrote many of the songs and did backing vocals on some tracks.

ZF: Also in your bio there is reference to Die Romischen Votzen.
Can you tell me a bit about this?

Annawooh: Die Römischen Votzen is a german art/hip hop project. The two rappers of the band are visual/conceptual artists and I make the beats for our songs.

ZF: You have recently started a Label called Stoscha. 
What was the motivation to start this venture?

Annawooh: The motivation was basically that it seemed like a fun and challenging thing to do, and it turned out to be true! Also, I would like to mention that I am not running Stoscha alone, but together with my Swedish companion Kristina Sundin, who was a member of the music collective Drömfaktulteten, which is based in Stockholm. Among other things, her involvement in Drömfakulteten showed us that there is a lot of unreleased music that should get out there!  based in Stockholm.

ZF: Which project do you enjoy the most and why?

Annawooh: It’s almost impossible to choose, and all of the projects definitely feed from each other! Depending on when you would ask, I would probably always choose the one project I am most involved in at that time, because I love what I do. One way to describe it could be: Annawooh is my most personal project, Stoscha is the one that I’m most proud of, and Die Römischen Votzen is the place where I am allowed to be just as crazy as I want.

ZF: What do you want to achieve in the next 6 months?

Annawooh: We have several releases coming up on Stoscha, I will play as many Annawooh shows as possible, and we will write and record new material for Die Römischen Votzen.

ZF: If you could be any age for a week, what age would it be and why?

Annawooh: I would choose to be 80 for a week, and after that I would feel terribly young.

ZF: What is the most memorable class/lecture you have attended?

Annawooh: Once in high school I was explained the principle of natural selection according to Darwin. It was a revelation to me at the time, and it made me choose to become a biologist.

ZF: What is your opinion of Women in the music industry?

Annawooh: I honestly do not feel very entitled to have an opinion of this as I do not regard myself as part of any industry.

ZF: Is any particular artist that you feel is a great example of female empowerment in music or who stands out as a unique DJ/Producer?

Annawooh: Kate Bush

ZF: If there was anything you could change about the industry what would it be?

Annawooh: I would rather change the world than change the industry. But then I’m lazy and do not engage in politics really, so I just try to be myself and hope it might empower someone to do the same.

ZF: Do you think that currently Women have equal opportunities to Men in music?

Annawooh: The music world is just like any industry where most people have to fight for their opportunities, and where “minorities” as in “non rich white males” are less privileged. There is absolutely a gender segregation present, but economic and social background are just as important determinants for who are given chances. Where I am now, I feel that I am not ready to speak for all other women (or other “minority” groups) in the scene. I’d rather just talk about music; that’s what all musicians want, regardless of their gender!

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