When looking at what to post for this months Throwback Thursday article, I decided to go way back to when ZF was just starting out. The Car Show was a “one-off” type project, meaning that I didn’t continually shoot this subject matter after and the original premise behind photographing it was to experiment with 35mm colour film. It was one of the first articles I accompanied the photographs with words, which you read below.


Car Show – [First Published: 29.09.2014]

After about a month of nothing on my to do list and having used up the last of my B&W film, I decided to look for something that would get me out-doors and experimenting with Colour film. Earlier that month I’d heard that an injunction banning “boy racers” from Festival Park had been lifted and car enthusiasts had recently returned to the area. I had unfortunately missed the first event at Festival Park, but still I was interested in photographing something like this if another one came about.

I’ve always enjoyed photographing sub-cultures in society particularly the main interests and focus of that particular group, so my research began. I was very lucky in my searching as towards the end of September I found another event happening in the Local town of Nantwich. That Sunday I packed up my film and with my partner made my way down to the event. In my mind I didn’t know what to expect; would there be loud music, with cars making tire donuts, alongside drag races, In first instance the mind tends to play to stereotypes or alternatively what I had seen in Fast & Furious movies.


When I arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. It was a cool late summers evening and there were a large collection of cars there for sure, old to new, classic to modern styles. But the atmosphere was very much relaxed with everybody strolling by admiring the cars, discussing parts and projects with the owners. It was very much a family affair, not just because kids were attending, but because it was the same vibe you could experience at a country fair, without being cliche, ‘fun for all the family’.

That was what I started to appreciate, that it didn’t matter whether you were young or old, everybody could come together to admire great pieces of engineering and the works of hobbyists, who’s pride and joy were their cars. I also think that this particular sub-culture get a bad rep sometimes, usually enforced by a biased media, who will do anything to sell newspaper, I seem to remember the sentinel reporting negatively on the Festival Park meet, when in reality, the event was rather different, with both positive mentions from the police and council. So I hope that that this means a continued future for Car meets in my area, and I have some last words for all those that attended. Keep Calm and Carry on Cruising.


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