Our final female artist to be featured this month is Kristina from Spain. Over many years she has developed a unique and heavy sound in the genre of Techno. To play out this medium Kristina hosts her own club night ‘Technologica’ in Barcelona’s Macarena club. Her sets are a perfect amalgamation of dark eclectic electronic beats and heavy hitting tech sounds, getting her featured by Resident Advisor and the like. Her track ‘Frictional’ is a dark weighty techno track, something any DJ can get stuck into. Caution to all; it may have your audiences dancing for hours…

WEB: http://www.kristina-amsafe.com
SC: https://soundcloud.com/kristina-amsafetraxx
FB: https://www.facebook.com/KristinaAmsafeTaxx
MORE: http://www.dbartists.net/portfolio/kristina


ZF: What made you change from your previous sound of Drum & Bass
Breaks and Electro to a more refined focus on Techno?

Kristina: In my early years as a DJ, I used to play more breakbeat and electro, styles that I love, but mainly because Breaks is the most popular style in the area where I grew up. Over time the clubs used to call me more often for house and techno sessions. Then I moved to Barcelona to keep growing professionally and the demand for Techno kept growing. Anyway I try to mix several styles in my DJ sets to enjoy all of them. I also have a recent project called ALPHACOM with my husband, exclusively electro. We have releases 2 tracks in a special V/A limited edition wood box 12″-9 on Fundamental Records, the label from Madrid owned by Alek Stark sharing the V/A with artists like Egyptian Lover, 214 and The Exaltics, amongst others.

ZF: You quote that you’re strongly influenced by american sounds. 
Which artists are the most important to you?

Kristina: From de American sounds; Mike Parker, Frankie Knuckles, Marcellus Pittman, James Stinson, Aux 88, Aaron Carl, Omar S

ZF: Tell me a bit about Technologia, your night at the Macarena club in Barcelona.
How did this begin?

Kristina: My partner Anika Kunst and I started at Macarena almost 3 years ago. It is one of the best known clubs in Barcelona, a little bit smaller than a usual club and with a tiny DJ booth but every one has played there; from Juan Atkins and Carl Craig to Kenny Larkin . Technological started at 2012, this project was born with the idea to have special attention on showing the good work of the women DJs, support the local DJs in general and people who contribute to the electronic scene in the city. It’s a night focused on a Techno sound. This date takes the place at Macarena every 15 days. We usually invite a local DJ to play with us. We are very happy because we received a lot of support from the DJs and the crowd. You can give your speech, knowing that the public is open to hear you sincerely, without impositions. Definitely we are lucky to have a very receptive dance floor. I enjoy the night lot and it always feels like home.

ZF: Do you prefer working on CDJs or Vinyl more and why?

Kristina: I started playing with vinyl, later on realising that many clubs didn’t have turntables, so I moved to CDJs. I do not like them much, but nowadays it is a format that I find really useful. I prefer the sound of the vinyl and its touch. Vinyl has a very authentic and romantic aspect for me for many reasons, but now I feel comfortable using both formats.

ZF: How do you go about building a setlist together 
Do you have any personal rules for track selection?

Kristina: Normally my sets grow in intensity and BPM. I do like to be versatile but it depends on the club and the people’s mood. I try to have a balance between what I want to transmit and what I feel people need. Also I like to play some special tracks during my set. Some classic ones, some rare tracks, who knows.

ZF: Where do you want to perform in the near future?

Kristina: I could tell you, for instance, Tresor. When I was a teenager I used to hear about Tresor, all the best DJs in the world went through their DJ booth. When I was living in Berlin in 2004, I went to the club and it felt as special as I imagined. But there are many other clubs around like Rex, Fuse, Panorama that I would like to be part of someday.

ZF: What is the best holiday/travelling experience you have been on?

Kristina:  I have visited many countries worldwide and I have had enriching experiences. I would like to say that I live far way from my family since many years ago and my best experience is to come back there for a few days and share a little period of time together.

ZF: If you could have any super power what would it be?

Kristina:  Easy, I would like to fly, But I guess everyone imagines doing that!

ZF: What is your opinion of Women in the music industry?

Kristina: I think there are more and more women who are interested in being part of the music industry in different areas. But for some historical reason, men still lead, so we continue being in the shadow. I think we are more criticised and constantly evaluated by others. Many men try to find excuses to demean the success of a woman. On the other hand in the world of DJs there is another important fact. That is many women have little knowledge, little professionalism and little love for the music. This shows a distorted image of the woman DJ. Sadly now everyone is focusing on how women show their attributes and attract others with sexual attitude, forgetting their quality as DJ.

The woman is a woman, she has different qualities from a man and moves in a different way. To be a DJ you do not have to try to look like a man or need to show something apparently you are not. It is demeaning, seeing a woman half naked dancing or insinuating herself like a stripper, promotional photos with underwear. Promoters and the public contribute to such humiliation; it’s annoying I guess. Unfortunately this creates confusion and slows down the work that real women DJs do.

ZF: Is any particular artist that you feel is a great example of female empowerment in music or who stands out as a unique DJ/Producer?

Kristina: When I was very young, in 1993 I saw a video of Marusha at Loveparade. I was very impressed. She seemed such a woman with a big personality. Miss Bliss from Faithless is another great example. I had little access to information, but over the years I discovered other women who already experimented with electronic music decades before and they also served as motivation for my career.

ZF: If there was anything you could change about the industry what would it be?

Kristina: More control for digital music (too much garbage), more independent record shops, less sexist advertising, more good sound systems in the clubs and more government support is always welcome.


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