Firstly, yes I do realise this is a Friday. Technically making it a #TBF (Throwback Friday) post. I have been rather lax with posting on ZF recently, but I assure you this is for good reason. I have a whole host of articles and features lined up over the coming weeks following lots of email sending and photographing, so keep your eyes peeled for those. I’m really excited for what’s to come in May/June time.

So for this throwback article I wanted to delve into my personal files to images that I’ve never featured on ZF before or written about. First a bit of background history; when I was about 14 years old, one of the first encounters I had with the subject matter of counter-culture and “modern” art was via Banksy’s book: Wall and Piece. I was fascinated with the mysterious graffiti artist and his work, I looked at that book over and over.

You could say that book was the beginnings of my interest in graffiti and street art culture and lead me to start documenting it around the world. Fast forward some 10 years later; Banksy unveils a collection of works both by himself and other artists in the form of a quasi theme park known as Dismaland. Dubbed a “bemusement park” it poked fun at Disneyland and modern culture through satirical paintings and sculptures.

So with a couple of friends, we made the journey down to the beach town of weston-super-mare (my friend had only passed his test for two weeks and drove the 140 mile journey, there and back what a hero!). Below is the result of two rolls of 35mm film that I shot over the course of the day. Don’t enjoy it – ZF





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