I think its safe to say that I was quite excited for this trip. My first journey of 2017 took me to the Catalonian City of Barcelona. Although technically a part of Spain, there are many things different about Barcelona; for one there’s the language, they speak Catalan not Spanish (although the locals can speak both). Ask a native and they would probably tell you they consider themselves Catalonian not Spanish and they are patriotic of this fact.

Barcelona as a city is far more modern and progressive than any other city I have visited in Spain. Culturally it is diverse, offering something for everyone, tourist and resident alike. Musically I would say that it is the centre for electronic music in the country with a well established night life scene, as well as hosting big festivals like Sónar and Primavera Sound. All this wrapped up in a picturesque paradise backdrop of mountains and costal environments.

Whilst I was visiting the city, I wanted stretch my legs and return to “down to the ground” street photography. I don’t often take pictures of people, it’s not my style. This project however, required a more direct approach as I wanted to include the local skaters in the article, an idea from my teenage days of playing THUG2. Other subjects include a basketball player and a wary looking business man. Enjoy – ZF


It was a reasonably hot day. I think the shirtless man here was shirtless more for fashion than function if i’m being honest. Sick skater though.

Still on Graffiti

Street004It’s not so much the graffiti in this picture (1UP is common place in Barcelona) but the girl’s on the left. Look at those photoshopped beach bodies.

The Lay Up

Street005This guy was the perfect subject. He didn’t say anything, just kept playing basketball. I didn’t say anything to him, I just kept taking photographs.
[Below Left: Feed the pigeons they said, it’ll be fun they said]


Street025The space in front of the MACBA is an iconic spot for skaters to visit around the globe. This bloke demonstrates that by pulling a manual.

More on the Wall

Street021This is what I meant by that wary businessman. After this shot he started walking quickly away from me. Probably thought I was MI5.

Some in Black & White

Street0016There’s a lot going on in this picture. I really like the broken blind though. Don’t know why, I just like it. [Below Left: A shameless self portrait]

View from a Bunker

Street028One of the best parts of the trip. Bunkers del Carmel has some stunning views. It was the perfect way to finish this photo series.


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