You could say that Paradiso Rhythm is one of the first proper Lo-Fi artists that I really took notice of. My first time I heard one of his tracks was ‘Loretta’ on Viennese label Step Back Trax. I was blown away by his production style, mixing all musical elements perfectly to form soulful and brilliant house cuts. I finally got talking to Dave, who is from Slovakia last month and he has kindly donated the previously unreleased ‘Prelude To A Kiss (Music In Me Ohh)’ to the ZF collection. This is track holds no bars with a powerful groove and along with disco vocal samples, they really bring this track together.



ZF: What was the first single/record/album that really meant something to you?

PR: My father was so into Depeche Mode, Euro Dance and early UK Rave.
So it was something like this.

ZF: How did the alias Paradiso Rhythm begin?
Was there one defining moment or multiple?

PR: My previous artist name was Embryo, which is kinda funny when you are trying to make some serious dance music. I wanted to bring something fresh and the combination of “paradiso” and “rhythm” was way better, I think. Paradiso is the place where I will take you everytime you listen to my music and Rhythm because that’s the main part of my production. The rhythm and the groove.

ZF: Your label House of Unity is a forward thinking up-coming online label,
Can you tell me about your motivations and goals for this project?

PR: House of Unity as a label is growing up faster than I thought. There were times with no demos in my inbox and now I have like 5-7 messages from guys all around the world every month. Maybe it’s not that much but damn, that moment when you realise there are people who are trying to release their music on your label. Motivations and goals? To make people happy with HoU.

ZF: You also run a blog, ‘House of Paradiso’. What things inspire you to post on this platform?

PR: House of Paradiso was re-born few months ago. I love posting pictures of DJs and producers with their own music, I like to share what I love. Sharing is caring, am I right?Maybe I will have to promote it more because it is pretty unknown at the moment. And yeah, I love that Tumblr photo theme so much! Ha ha.

ZF: What is the music scene like in the East Coast of Slovakia?

PR: The Electronic music scene is very small here in Kosice. We need to socialise more, to make studio times and parties together. We have enough DJs so we need more producers now. And by producers I mean real producers with some musical feelings and not just “Let’s start a new song because I want to upload it to Soundcloud and Instagram” kind of kids. Let the music flow. And don’t forget to: study music history, read articles and watch documentaries.

ZF: Do you have any set plans for 2017?
Anything in particular you want to achieve by the end of the year?

PR: Of course. I want to switch from digital DJing to vinyl.  All my musical heroes from 80s and 90s are playing vinyls and talking about crate digging and stuff. I want to share the same feelings with them. I want to be part of that real scene. And I’m currently working on 6 vinyl releases for French, Austrian and Swedish labels.

ZF: If you could take one item to a desert island what would it be and why?

PR: My OnePlus X with Spotify Premium. Ha ha.

ZF: What is one thing you like that people wouldn’t expect you to like?

PR: PC games

Thank you to Paradiso Rhythm for his time and music!



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