After a short break, ZF is back. I now have a couple of weeks worth of content to post,  so I’m going to finish this month of May with a host of free downloads. Also i’ll be  introducing a new mix series very soon. So keep it locked into ZF for the next two weeks, exciting things are happening here on the site! I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported Compositions Vol.1 so far. It’s really great to see the brand grow and gain some new fans in the process.

Today’s artist, S.Channel hails from my favourite city of Paris. Like most French producers his fresh experimental style define his releases. His personal sound has lead to him being signed to big name labels such as Blorp and Erased Tapes. His tracks are  floaty and misty electronic gems which are both captivating and interesting to listen to. His most recent project “Kepler The Dreamy Planet” is a spacey & minimalistic collection of songs, perfectly produced and arranged into a limited edition Tape and Digital release through Hungarian label “Outskirts”. He has donated “Nuclear (wint’17 Rough Mix)” from the Tape as free download on ZF. Check out the full tape here.



ZF: How long have you been working on the S.Channel alias for? when did it begin?

SC: I think I started producing around 2009, in my bedroom 
with that crappy software, Reason. I have never left since.

ZF: You’ve accomplished a lot in 12 months, releasing on multiple labels.
Is there anything you’re setting your mind to in 2017?

SC: Yeah, that re-work for Nils Fram was a miracle, pushed me to send demos! When I released my first 12′ EP (Never Ending Stories) on the young Third Try Records, I was on a cloud! I’ll work again with Bloop, I’m working on 2nd EP, and I’m about to release a tape project with Outskirts. So I’m doing a lot this year!

ZF: What music did you listen to growing up?
Did you take after your parents tastes at all?

SC: My parents were not so much music’s listeners. However I had chance, my great-uncle was a real digger. He worked for a record label, and had a crazy english sound system (Which I have at home now). We spent sundays listening to music, introducing me to electronic music, through artists as Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Jean Michel Jarre.

ZF: What club nights/events festivals have changed your life musically?

SC: I’ve had chance to organise parties and some really influenced me. Still in my mind is a crazy night with Marcellus Pittman, who is such a cool genius! The first time I invited guys behind Berlin label, Freund Der Familie. Klaus did a real deep intense set, while his father was dancing on the stage, behind him. 

ZF: Being a lover of Vinyl, what is it you like about vinyl in particular?

SC: I will not pretend to have always bought vinyls. Vinyls tell stories, they can be related to people you loved, to places you’ve been, and specific moods. all those you can pass on and transmit to others! Vinyl is life itself.

ZF: Difficult question, but name me your top 5 favourite vinyl’s in your collection ?

SC: In no particular order…

Aux armes et cætera (LP) – Gainsbourg
Wish you were here (LP) – Pink Floyd
Freedom (EP) – Traumprinz
Expressions (LP) – Linkwood
Much Less Normal (LP) – Lnrdcro

ZF: Do you believe in aliens at all ? If you met one what would you do ?

SC: I would offer him the Selected Ambient Works 85-92 by Apex Twin

ZF: What are three things that you want to do before you die?

SC: Open a wine cellar/shop, adopt a kid , have a trip on the Trans-Siberian.

Thanks to S.Channel for his words and we wish him all the best in 2017! 


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