So as promised in the previous article, this month we introduce a completely new feature to Zone Focus. After almost 6 months of speaking to producers and DJs, I felt that the brilliant and forward thinking labels & brands, that release and curate the wonderful collections of music from said artists needed some specific attention. So the “Label Space” series has been created to feature and advertise those labels & music brands, which contribute so much to the industry. The feature will be split into two parts; firstly an interview with the label boss on the ZF website and secondly an exclusive mix featured on the ZF Soundcloud (free to download of course). We have some really exciting brands to feature over the next couple of months, so keep it locked into Zone Focus!

Label Space: Nerang Recordings

Over the past couple of months I have been closely working with Nerang Recordings boss, Christopher Mcivor (aka DJ Whipr Snipr) on a number of projects. He first featured on Compositions Vol.1 a month ago and he will soon feature in his own 5 Minutes with feature…very soon! But lets take a step back. I first came across the Australia based, Nerang Recordings at the beginning of 2017 and when I found that most of their collection was free to download, I felt like a kid in…well, a record store! Nerang really opened my eyes to how Lo-Fi/Leftfield house and electronic music was developing on a global scale. Some months later, I started chatting with Chris and soon after had him involved in three separate projects for ZF. So without a further ado, I proudly present the first Label Space feature with Nerang Recordings!


SOTDM – Daylight
Future Dz – Bongo 2cc
Shrimp Traxx – I Get Deep
Randal Douglas – Floor moves
DJ Safeword – Orbit
IOK – I Want To Be With You (And A Couple Of Others)
Paradiso Rhythm – Your Luv (oz mix )
Grey People – Lizard Man Dance
DJ Safeword- Hell
Dj Whipr Snipr – My Way
Randal Douglas – September 2
gutinstinct – LUV U
VCL – kutti beach
Paradiso Rhythm – I Never Felt This Way Before
DJ Safeword – Anywhere I Can Find It


ZF: Why did you start Nerang recordings?
Was there one particular reason or many?

Chris: The main reason being, there were no other labels on the gold coast and also a lot of artist were getting looked over that I liked, so it was a mixture of starting something new for my hometown and also releasing artists who had been overlooked in my eyes.

ZF: How would you describe the sound of Nerang recordings overall?

Chris: We started and have still tried to not pin point our label into one sub genre
but good vibes and good feelings represent our motto “free thoughts”.
If you look back through our catalogue you will see that.

ZF: What process do you follow when selecting artists to be featured on the Label? 

Chris: I like to find artist who I get along with on a personal level as you’ll see on our new 12″ Keep it in the Family we’re all very close here at Nerang recordings, even though most of us are far apart we talk almost every day. The first thing is a good attitude and respect. I don’t care if you’re the best producer on the planet, I don’t want to know you if you don’t respect and treat people like humans, not like dollar symbols or groupies.

ZF: Speaking of ‘Keep in the Family’, this is your first vinyl sampler 
Are you pleased with how this turned out? 

Chris: I’m more than pleased. We worked on this one for a while and yeah I’m stoked on how it’s come out, I really am.
Can’t wait for it to be in stores all over! 

ZF: If you could sign anyone to Nerang who would it be and why?

Chris: To be honest, the people I have signed to Nerang, I’m honoured that they are part of the label. I don’t really sit back and think: “Oh I wish he was on Nerang” that’s not what we are about. For example, when Grey People made his first EP with Nerang I was honoured when that happened. Its all about the love! 

ZF: You give a lot of the music signed to Nerang away for free
is there a reason behind this?

Chris: I just thought people should have some good music for free so started to give it away. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s all about the love. If you show fans that it’s not all about business, then they will support you on every release that you do. 

ZF: What plans do you have for the Label in the future? 

Chris: Keep releasing digital EPs of new artists joining the Nerang family and keep pressing VAs with people in the family. The “Keep it in the Family” plan is to bring artists to Australia as well as myself going on tour with them in there countries. 

Thank you to Chris & Nerang for his words!
5 Minutes with…DJ Whipr Snipr coming soon.


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