Sunday is a fun day on Zone Focus, so I thought I would bring you some words and music from the newest artist to be featured on Zone Focus, Florian. I believe that the German producer (hailing from Haldensleben) is one of the most pro-active figures on the Lo-Fi House scene. Aside from his own productions, he has involvement in running not one, but three labels! The first, Charmin Records for which he is the label boss, releases on both vinyl and digital formats. The second, Too Rough for Radio has previously signed friends of Zone Focus; Nikita Villeneuve and DJ Whipr Snipr. The third, Park recordings focuses on more minimal releases. Florian has kindly dedicated his track ‘Risin’, a 90s influenced House cut which all DJs will love.



ZF: Florian is your current project, however you have been producing since the 90s. How has your sound developed over past decades?

Florian: I started DJing with Hip Hop and then around 98/99 I got into Techno. Most sets I played from this time were Techno but I always liked house and I also played a lot of that too. In 2002 I got into the minimal thing which was nice at this time. Then 2007 I started to produce my own music.  I’m not focused in one style though, I try to do all kind’s of music I like. At the moment it is mostly House and Techno, but I also keep my DJ sets open minded. I can play all varieties of music but at the moment dusty and rough stuff is my favourite.

ZF: With your style being eclectic, Is there any particular process you follow for crafting these different sounds?

Florian:  I produce mostly with hardware. I started with the MPC2000 and then later I tried Ableton also. Most of my tracks are done as a live session with my machines then recorded in Ableton. After that its a bit of rework in post production and that’s it. My music can sound clean but also dusty.  I tend to alternate between these sounds, so to not get bored of my own music. Recently I finished my new studio and now I finally can start making music more frequently again.

ZF: You are a part of running three labels, How do you balance these with your personal project?

Florian: I run Park recordings with my good friend Sebastian Albrecht. It was my first label with the focus on minimal music . Its primarily a digital label but Sebastian and I have done one limited vinyl EP also. Charmin Records I run by myself and its mostly house releases, the first EPs were made by Tilman and I. For Charmin I do all the work by myself like the artwork and distribution. I feel it’s good to have full control in the creative progress. With another good friend I started the Lo-Fi label Too Rough for Radio. With this project we release digital at the moment but vinyl releases planned in the near future. With Charmin and Too Rough for Radio we also host a podcast series.

ZF: What are your future plans for both labels in terms of concepts and releases?

Florian: This year we have some good things planned. The next park release comes from Sebastian Albrecht. The next Charmin vinyl comes in the form of a VA featuring iazikzazubami, Joakim Hellgren, Garben and Michael Claus. Next week it goes for mastering so maybe it’ll be out later this summer.  The next Too Rough for Radio release comes from Voyd, Nikita Villeneuve, DOS, Jan Soto and myself, which is out now! Also personally I’ve released one track for the new ammo84 VA with my good friends Prang and Tommy Vicari Jnr. A track for Banoffee pies VA and a track for the Grooveline VA.

ZF: In your biography, you mention your a part of the live act
‘Der Kutscher und seine Gaul’. Can you tell me a bit about this?

Florian: The live sessions as ‘Der Kutscher und sein Gaul was all hardware and mostly improvised jams. It was founded by me with close friend Mika Dutsch and then later Sebastian Albrecht joined us. We had fun doing it but at the moment we all have different things to do and so we stopped it. I also played some live shows with Sebastian as Fokus

ZF: Who would say are your top three greatest musical influences in your life?

Florian: My three biggest influences are simply Hip hop, House and Techno. To name specific artists is not easy because there are a lot! But here are 3 good examples.

> Techno:
> House:
> Hip Hop:

ZF: What is something in your life you couldn’t live without?

Florian: I can’t life without my family.  It’s been half a year since I became a father
and that is the best thing ever.

ZF: If you could provide one piece of advice for a happy life, what would it be?

Florian: A good tip for a better life? Get more sleep (haha)!

Thanks to Florian for his time and music! 


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