Zone Focus is changing. It started off as a place where I could present projects that I was personally involved in (photography, DJing, etc). But over the past 6 months however ZF has grown into something more than a personal blog. It’s grown into a community where music and visual arts come together for people to view globally. Now that my own photography efforts are being placed elsewhere away from ZF, I wanted to now feature some of my favourite photographers and artists in a new feature known as Viewpoint. This new feature will allow artists creative freedom to present their works and words on Zone Focus. First up is film photography GIF wizard, Henry Roberts…

Viewpoint: Henry Roberts

I’m Henry, known as @Henryrbrts on Instagram. I also run a film photography account called @Killherny which is my side project. A little story behind the name: I’m dyslexic so when I wrote my name fast, I accidentally spelt it as Herny and now after using that as a joke it’s become my nickname around some of my friends. The Kill part comes from the name my friend has for his account @Killandrew, he also takes film pictures and has influenced my work a bit in the past. 

With the increase of people interested in film photography I decided that I wanted to do something slightly different. After playing around with point & shoot’s casually I started taking interest in Nishika & Nimslo cameras. Both cameras have 4 lens and use up 2 exposures per shot, this means if you have a roll of 36 exposures you will have roughly 18 pictures. The camera’s are set up to use 200 ISO film, usually I have Portra 160 inside which slightly underexposes my shots but I think I prefer it this way however some of my best shots have been lucky co-incidences I won’t lie. The unpredictability of film and having to edit them afterwards makes it more exciting than shooting on regular cameras. Posting up my 3D pictures can generate some interesting feedback. It’s nice because it’s so unusual and I think people appreciate it more than regular film.  

Most of the messages I get from people who’ve seen my work is “what app is that” and it really made me think hard about what it means to be at the pinnacle of an emerging trend. Usually I reply saying “It’s Boomerang G” which is quite funny but not many people have time to appreciate the effort you go through using these old 80’s film cameras. People just expect that it’s easy to do because the concept is simple. I try to help those that are genuinely curious but a lot of the time it’s best to allow people to find out for themselves and let the others wonder. I by no means have mastered using point and shoot film cameras but from my experience of using up roughly 60 rolls since I started I realised you have to really know a camera well to use it correctly.

I have a Nishika N9000, the model that came after is the more popular N8000 and oddly enough most people have lots of problems with them. I’ve never had a problem with mine which makes me think that I was meant to do this. I think it’s cool and as long as my camera doesn’t break, I won’t stop. Currently I’m a student in London without a proper job, yet money has never been an issue. Not because I have a lot of it but if you have a passion for something you’ll still find a way to do it one way or another. There’s been a couple of times when I’ve had 4-5 rolls sitting on my desk and I’ve contemplated if it’s a good idea or not to be eating noodles for the next couple days if I got them developed haha. Yeah I know my shots aren’t the best but I’m working on ways to perfect it. The more I see the reactions to them the more it makes me wonder why no one has turned this digital! Imagine the possibilities…

For now enjoy these pictures I’ve taken of my friends and things that interest me – Henry

Henry Roberts Instagram: 
Henryrbrts + Killherny

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