Things have been a little quiet over here at Zone Focus recently, for that I apologise. Recently I have moved out to Ibiza to start a new job with Ibiza Spotlight. This has left me with little amounts of time to work on ZF. But fear not fans, we have some great features planned for the next few months, which i’m sure you’ll enjoy. Kicking things off is one track we’re proud to present on ZF for two reasons. Firstly it’s by the superb Australian producer, Subjoi. Secondly its our first garage track on ZF. I love introducing new sounds on this site and I think once you download and listen yourself, you’ll fall in love with this dusty 2-step track as well.



ZF: You’ve been producing under Subjoi for about a year now.
What made you start the project?

Subjoi: The name started as a way of putting my tracks out to the public. I haven’t been producing much longer than the whole Subjoi name has existed to be honest!

ZF: How would you describe the music that you produce under this alias?

Subjoi: There isn’t a set sound I’m going for, that actually might be an issue but I don’t really mind. I try to make stuff that is very melodic, doesn’t matter if it’s Disco, House, Techno, if it has a groove, then it’s good for me!

ZF: Your most recent releases tend to be EP projects.
Do you follow a particular process for the production of these?

Subjoi: I try to put out a free EP on Bandcamp every few months, I think it’s a good way of giving back to fans and it’s been pretty well received. There isn’t a particular process behind this though, I try to make it sound varied but at the same time cohesive, at a time I have all the tracks I want to use just sitting around, other times I end up making additional tracks just for the EP.

ZF: Who or what are your main influences when it comes to music?

Subjoi: As a kid, I grew up on a lot of 80’s electronic stuff that my mum used to play around the house, artists like  Depeche Mode, Modern Talking and all that haha. But as I grew up and slowly formed my own taste in music, I got into UKG and pretty much everything coming out of the UK. Since then it’s been artists like EL-B, Groove Chronicles and Zed Bias that I take a lot of influences from.

ZF: Can you describe your idea of an ideal DJ set, what tracks would you include?

Subjoi: It has to flow well, keep people interested, It can’t be similar stuff for 1-2 hours either. Have some house, have some techno, some UKG and you have a pretty varied set.

Subjoi: Literally nearly everyone asks for an ID of this one, when its part of a set.

Subjoi: Took me a while to get a 12’’ of this, it’s one of my favourite records I have.

ZF: What has been the best event you have played at and why?

Subjoi: I’m not sure if I can answer that, it’s all been pretty great so far!

ZF: With summer approaching, what plans do you have as Subjoi?

Subjoi: Right now, main focus is on producing more, getting higher quality stuff out there and getting myself to Europe at the end of the year! Release wise, there’s a couple V/A’s coming out in the near future that I’m part of, in addition the Love Shy record is close to release, there’s been a lot of delays behind this but it’s almost there, I promise!

ZF: What is your favourite movie and why?

Subjoi: It would have to be Pulp Fiction, every actor there plays their role perfectly, and to think that it was an independent movie with a bunch of actors that were no longer relevant is crazy! It revived bunch of peoples careers and changed the 90’s cinema, great film!

ZF: Where in the world would you say is your favourite place?

Subjoi: Right now I would say Adelaide, where I’m currently living, it might be a bit quiet but there’s great food, fantastic people and overall a pretty chilled place to live in.

Big Thanks to Subjoi for his time and contribution to Zone Focus! 


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