If there was a label that has had a very good first year, it is definitely No, She Doesn’t. They have hit on the Leftfield/Lo-Fi House scene with a flash of VHS visuals and 90s inspired aesthetic. The collective made up of DJs Spielberg, Legwarmer, Baywatch, Permission and visual artist, João Pedro Fonseca are pushing the Portuguese underground scene forward their own unique way. They recently made their biggest movement yet on 19th October, hosting a gig at the Musicbox venue in the capital city of Lisbon featuring a special appearance from the figurehead of the Lo-Fi movement, the never tedious or dull, DJ Boring.

The artist stormed through to famed in 2016 with his track “Winona” which became a Youtube anthem of the year within the Lo-Fi movement. He continues to impress audiences with a mix of raw and intoxicating house rhythms, and he did not hold any bars for the No She Doesn’t gig. I sat down with the NSD collective earlier this week to talk about the tracks that they love and ones that they spun to the audience of the Musicbox dancefloor.

DJ Spielberg

Longo is the perfect stomper. It is also a beautiful tribute to the crate diggers who’s samples and loops are milestones for house music.

 Since this project started this one never left my bag: I always play “Be mine”, it never fails and I love the Disco feeling with the strings progression. My feet won’t stop dancing.

DJ Legwarmer

Superlovin is a simple, effective and elegant uplifting housey disco track with a filtered catchy vocal sample that is impossible to keep still in a climax of a party: aspects I do relate from a “Legwarmer generation”!

 Moments in Life from the House master Andrés is a perfect tune for a proper warm-up or to cool down the set on a crazy night. Nostalgic and emotional but yet danceable to listen with the eyes closed!

DJ Baywatch

 Released in 1991, it’s that kind of track that already had everything: the irresistible house chords, the trippy jazz mood, the rhythmic progression… You can play it at the peak time, at the warm-up, in your earphones, in your home sound system, everywhere. It’s a must!

When I think about Detroit house and techno as a general inspiration to all the club culture, that one is the track that always comes to my mind as an inescapable foundation. Nowadays, it keeps fresh and innovative, it still is a big influence on the future.

DJ Permission

 This disco banger fits well in any warm up and I chose it because it’s special for me as it is part of the first record that I bought from Moodymann, which is a tribute to Marvin Gaye.

This one is a late-night house track which I love to play when I want to put some extra energy on the dance floor, it is a burner, and Mall Grab is a reference for any lo-fi DJ in the game.

João Pedro Fonseca

The first time I heard this song, I was with someone who was dancing whilst it played. The dance was so intriguing that it seemed to flow but at the same time disconcerting details of Matthieu Faubourg’s track. It is impossible for me to disassociate those physical movements from this music, and in a certain way, the construction of light from the installation, concerning strobes and colours, tempts that mind state and invites the body to release those movements.

 This is perhaps the most striking music for the visuals. Leonid Osyka’s 1965 film “Vkhodyashchayav More” completely dazzled me: the retro and saturated visuals with a slight noise and tropical vibe were important for the scenic construction. I take to the stage, all these components without the actors because I want the NSD DJ’s to be the main protagonists of all that visual apparatus. The predominant pink/purple color, reflects the idea of error of the filming machines, when the VGA or video cables are no longer working and the error gives place to a very artistic plastic effect which is only appreciated in a very specific situation, in this case in the club, where everyone has their own space to dance.

No, She Doesn’t.

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