When I started Zone Focus, the concept was (and in some respects still is) I would create a space for my interests and work to be featured online. It restarted my career in nightclub photography and gave me a platform for creative writing, which has ultimately lead me to do a job that I love on the beautiful island of Ibiza. But where does that leave ZF? Although I do occasionally write for the brand, most of my work involves editing the words of other great artists. I realised that ZF was no longer just about myself, it had become a community.

So, now that Zone Focus is now three years old, I thought now is the time to make a couple of changes to the brand. Firstly as you may have noticed from the article banner I’ve re-designed the logo. By taking the Futura font and adding a little bit of fair to it, ZF is now fresh looking with a wavey twist, symbolic of the content that we will be featuring from now on. Which leads me to the second change. We will strive to publish the most forward-thinking sounds and visuals, but always with an alternative or leftfield aesthetic as the base concept.

To achieve this aim, we will be releasing more compilations, more free downloads and more articles, collaborating with some brilliant brands and fantastic artists. Soon we will be developing the Bandcamp platform to release artist EPs and Albums.  With this change, we are changing our currency to pounds sterling as ZF is running from Manchester in the UK. We will be making changes to the SoundCloud making it easier for you to follow and support the artists we feature on ZF whilst gaining free music in the process. Expect pumping club and cool cut sounds over the next few months.

We will be writing new articles about events and clothing brands to further expand the varied content on the site. The Youtube channel will have brand new uploads from a host of labels including some exclusives to ZF with exciting visuals made by the Lo-Fi video master Manikeizt. The mixcloud will cease to exist under Zone Focus, it will be transferred to another brand. This pretty much wraps up the immediate changes to Zone Focus. If you are an artist or brand who would like to get involved with ZF please email us via the contact page. Lastly, all previous releases from the free download section and the compilations will be now put in a back catalogue album called “That’s What I Call Zone Focus” which you can now download completely free below.

Thank you for your support in ZF over the past few years, I appreciate it so much that I have people from all over the world who support the brand and read the articles that we work so hard to put out.

Michael Tomlinson – Zone Focus Editor

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