Making waves in Europe are sounds curated by the collective label, La Dune. The company which was formed in 2017 is run in three separate cities, Edinburgh, Geneva and Stuttgart. Under the guidance of its chief DJs Jacques Torrance and Jimmy Salmon, they are committed to releasing high-quality house and disco of an alternative vibe.

Their various artist EPs bring major artists to the table and each one is carefully crafted for an ultimate listening experience. I became familiar with the La Dune after DUN002 and I was very impressed with the tunes on that particular release. Keeping a close-knit collection of artists under the labels roof, they push the work of artists like Cassettes for Kids, Etur Usheo, Rick Sheen and many more.

La Dune’s most recent release is their most successful yet. “As time flows and the records spin, La Dune keeps on widening its range of original and talented contributors. ‘What Gets You Moving’ is a selection bound to awaken your dancing spirit.”

La Dune’s Jacques Torrance and Jimmy Salmon have collected together their favourite tracks for your listening pleasure in this month’s Top 10.

Jacques Torrance

Can’t get enough of this song recently. I really love how the melodies create a sort of dialogue, and it just all comes together perfectly when the deep bass comes in. It’s so relaxing yet still really makes you want to dance. A perfect way to start a warm-up set.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Axel Boman over the past couple of weeks, he has so much variety in his productions but I must say this is definitely one of my favourites. Such a smooth and groovy bassline.

If you know me at all, you would know how much I like breakbeat. The combination of acid and breakbeat supported by the deep melodic pads just blends together so nicely.

I haven’t stopped listening to this one ever since I first heard it, I really love the drums in particular. And if you haven’t heard the full EP, you should go listen to it now.

I had completely forgotten about this track, I only just came across it again recently and I’m so glad that I did. It has so much energy, I don’t think I will ever get tired of it. Perfect for towards the end of a set, to get the crowd nice and sweaty.

Jimmy Salmon

I fell in love with this funky edit the first time I heard its hypnotic percussions and guitar riff. A true Rush Hour delight.

Jazzy bangers like this one are perfect for creating end-set euphoria.

State of independence:  Imagine yourself purposelessly flying in the emptiness of space with this song.

Recently rediscovered this track in a record store in Berlin and can’t get enough of it. The piano chords just keep replaying in your head like a mantra.

With all this hype about her playing Berghain soon, I just had to remember this 80s defining Kylie Minogue track. Any chance there’s a good edit of this tune anywhere?

La Dune
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