Lisbon-based label No, She Doesn’t is one of the hottest names on the electronic scene at the moment. The close-knit collective has risen to internet fame through a series of nostalgic tracks all released for free download on their SoundCloud. Always pushing the envelope in terms of house music production, the tunes have gained support from artists like DJ Boring and media powerhouses like

The NSD ethos – “Not just a label but also a movement: an open-minded way of approaching life has led us to put values such as equality, freedom and fun as priorities. We try to express it in our tunes and parties and in the feelings they provide us because the idea of an unprejudiced society is what drives us in this path of beautiful music which we hope you enjoy.”

The label’s very first VA vinyl release was earlier this month and to mark the occasion, the No, She Doesn’t team linked up with Zone Focus to talk about the project. DJ Permission also did this sick mix for the ZF Soundcloud. Feelgood vibes below.


RAMzi – For Vanda
Ross From Friends – D1rt Box
DJ Nature – What it isn’t
Silk 86 – Shine
Demuja – Hot for Love
Norm Talley – Get it Right
Herr Krank – Acid Jazz
DJ SPIELBERG – Useful Powder
DJ Normal 4 fest. Rasputin – Disillusion Pyramid
DJ Psychiatre – Inside Out
DJ Central feat. Erika Casier – DRIVE (DJ Sports remix)
DJ South Central – Really Got Me
Luca Lozano – Calling All Dancers (Original Mix)
DJ Lycox – Solteiro


ZF: How did No, She Doesn’t start as a label?

NSD: In early 2017 we were thinking of making a DJ Lo-fi Name Generator like “what lo-fi DJ name would you have” but instead we ended up doing a Label: started producing tracks, always releasing ‘em for free on our SoundCloud page.

ZF: How would you describe the NSD signature sound?

NSD: We blend something from Boogie to Techno, from Soul to RnB, from acid to jungle, from happy to melancholic and at last but not the least, they must provide us feels.

ZF: What makes it unique as a music brand?

NSD: As a label and a collective, we wanted to make a statement on our way of approaching life, putting values such as equality, freedom and fun as priorities. Since the beginning, we acted in a fresh/uncommitted way and the fact that in this label every crew member assumed a personality made it funnier. That’s what we think made this community smile: more and more people got together, making this label a sonant name on this scene.

ZF: Who are its members and what do they do?

and João Pedro Fonseca, our visual artist bae.

ZF: Over the past 12 months
what has been some of the label’s favourite moments?

NSD: Releasing our first V.A. was a big move and we enjoyed every step of it. Also, that night when we shared decks with DJ Boring on Musicbox, when someone jumped to the stage and started dancing wearing a bunny mask.

ZF: You have just released your first V.A album can
you tell us a bit more about this?

NSD: It includes two of the crew members on the A-side, useful for the peak hours of the set. The B side holds a track from bae Joakim Hellgren, a producer from Stockholm who we follow really close and another track from DJ Unsure (another Portuguese bae), useful for love declarations!

ZF: Who would your ultimate dream artist signing be?

NSD: I don’t think we will ever be obsessed with demigods of Lo-Fi House, we’re just focused on releasing good music only, no matter who the producer is!

ZF: What is the music scene like in Lisbon, Portugal?

NSD: Lisbon electronic scene is growing more and more each day with supportive clubs and residences behind it, hosting workshops, talks, art installations and promoting equality on a safe haven: couldn’t be on a better direction.

Also, big up to Xana at Brownie, Jari at Desterro, D.J. Khabal at Reitoria (D.A.M.A.S.), Savant Fair at Radio Quântica and Match Attack for supporting and allowing NSD to make her first parties in 2017.

ZF: What does the future hold for No She Doesn’t?

NSD: Release more and more! More parties, more tours! Hit us up!

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