Happy New Year.

I think the best part about being a music journalist and enthusiast of underground sounds is the fact that there is a vast span of sounds spread across the world wide web to be discovered.

Seeing some of my fellow followers of the beat ask week in, week out, about different styles of music and where to find the best tracks of each genre, inspired me to start a digital crate-digging feature series.

This particular set of articles which will be paired with Spotify playlists will give any DJ, Producer or electronic music lover a starting point to find new and exciting music. Head over to our new Spotify channel here to listen to all the underground sounds.

The themes/genres explored in 2019 will be Breakbeat, Jams, Club, Trance and UK Garage. The first three articles explore the Breakbeat genre from old school to electro.


Tronik House aka Kevin Saunderson – FB SC

Ross From FriendsFB SC

Skee MaskFB INFO


Ludwig A.F. RöhrscheidRA SC

Check out our ZF: Breakbeat playlist
below and head here to subscribe.

Liu ChangSC BC

Fugue RA

Probably Will FB BC

PlaidFB SC

Next Digital Crate-digging article will be released in February. Keep on Searching and Listening until then.


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