What would dance music be without its temples of worship? These specially curated spaces made for grooving masses are without a doubt an important part of a night out. A badly managed club can ruin nights, but a good club can transcend you to the highest point of musical ecstasy.

They are a lot more than just a dance floor, a booth, a sound system and some lights. For decades they have served many roles. From a solace for the soul seekers to platforms for future bright new talent. One thing is for certain, the great ones are beloved around the world.

Recently I asked the members of Our Houz to name some of their favourite clubs, here’s some to add to your clubbing bucket list…

Shelter / Amsterdam


Across the IJ river, at a stone’s throw from its historic city centre, lies Shelter: an Amsterdam haven for quality dance music.

Built around the idea of creating a home away from home for veteran clubbers and enthusiastic newcomers alike, Shelter Amsterdam provides a diverse clubbing experience in the Dutch capital – with design, experience and sound quality continually in mind.

Next, to its musical cornerstones of distinct House and Techno, Shelter’s programming is set on curating sounds from the vanguard of dance music, showcasing electronica from the defining outreaches of the industry – (via shelteramsterdam.nl)

Bassiani / Tbilisi


Bassani is a nightclub in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. Founded in 2014, It is the largest techno club in Georgia and can accommodate around 1,200 people. On 12 May 2018, the club was raided by police in an ambiguous investigation and the two owners were arrested – (via wikipedia)

Following protests from supporters of the Georgian underground community, the club was thankfully reopened later that month. The celebration of the reopening was covered by Boiler Room featuring local DJ, Nicole. For more sounds check out the Bassani podcast series here.

Concrète / Paris


Concrete is one of Paris’s premier venues for techno and house music lovers. Located on a three-level boat docked on the Seine since 2011, the team throws parties that go all night or all day, soundtracked by French and international DJs.

The club is open every Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and occasionally a 28-hour party, Samedimanche, runs from Saturday 10 PM through the early hours of Monday morning. The club also runs the Concrete Music record label, Hors Serie parties and the Weather Festival. – (via residentadvisor.net)

Robert Johnson / Frankfurt

robert johnson

Sitting just across the river from Frankfurt, Robert-Johnson is an intimate club. The venue is defined by its minimalist flair: its main room contains little more than a dance floor with space for less than a hundred people, a DJ booth with inlaid turntables and a rotary mixer, a few benches and a bar (there’s also a balcony with a view of the Main River wrapping around the small building). The sound system is by Martin Audio, and many consider it to be one of the best in Europe.

Since 2009, the club has run its own label, Live at Robert Johnson, with 12-inches and albums as well as a run of mix CDs that wrapped up in 2011. There’s also a semi-private restaurant in the Robert-Johnson offices called Club Michel, where Ata (a devout gastronome) and others cook for the DJs and other guests. In 2012, Robert-Johnson released a book of photographs, essays and interviews called Come On In My Kitchen, and supported it with a tour of clubs around Europe, with each date featuring DJ sets by the residents and a “Club Michel” dinner party beforehand. – (via residentadvisor.net)

DC10 / Ibiza


DC10 is already etched firmly into the history books of dance music culture, the small farmhouse at the end of the airport runway in Ibiza has become one of the best-known clubbing destinations on the planet, principally due to the hedonistic and no holds barred parties – (adapted from RA)

Today it is a bastion of underground music on the White Isle with its flagship nights, Paradise and Circoloco pulling in hordes of ravers week after week. For many, the experience of seeing both sunset and sunrise in one club is an unmatchable experience. One thing is for certain, DC10 is one club that must be on any Ibiza tourists bucket list.

Corsica Studios / London


Corsica Studios (previously known as the Corsica Arts Club) is a medium-sized, two-roomed music space located in close proximity to Elephant & Castle tube station in south-east London. A rotating cast list of promoters and labels stage events at the venue each Friday and Saturday, which has included the likes of Bleep43, Plex, Tief and Low Life.

The music pushed at the club is rooted in house, techno, electro and disco, but often incorporates dubstep, drum & bass and bass music. Open since 2005, the club is known for its intimate atmosphere and solid sound systems. – (via residentadvisor.net)

Berghain / Berlin


Sitting in a dusty lot on the border of Kreuzberg and Friedrichshain, Berghain is widely considered one of the world’s best nightclubs. It has three dance floors: Berghain, a dark main room where most DJs play techno, Panorama Bar, an upstairs space that’s more focused on house, and the Säule on the ground floor, though the music policy in all rooms is very open-ended.

A number of details give Berghain its cult appeal: its residents, which include Steffi, Tama Sumo, Marcel Dettmann and Ben Klock, its set lengths, which range from three hours to more than eight, and its decor, which is mostly metal and poured concrete, with 30 meter ceilings and seemingly endless nooks and crannies.

Most of the parties are extremely long: Friday night events usually wrap up early Saturday afternoon, but Saturdays typically run well into Monday morning. Perhaps the most notorious aspect of the club is its door policy—hundreds of people are turned away each weekend, including regulars, often for reasons that are completely mysterious to everyone except the doormen. – (via residentadvisor.net)

Nowadays / NYC


Nowadays was opened as a seasonal, outdoor bar, restaurant, party haven and hang-out in the summer of 2015 by Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter. In 2017, they opened an adjacent indoor space to create a year-round inside expansion that allows the team to serve as a gathering place no matter the weather or the season.

Harkin and Carter are the longtime resident DJs and organizers of Mister Saturday Night and Mister Sunday, two of New York’s most beloved parties. In the past top club spinners like Midland, Umfang and Secretsundaze have graced the booths and raised the rave roof in all night long sets. – (https://nowadays.nyc)

Input / Barcelona


INPUT is the gateway to a creative space, where art, music and performances mix together in a spontaneous and natural way, offering a wide variety of transformation possibilities in both visual and sound setups to achieve the best interaction and feelings with the crowd.

Situated at one of Barcelona’s most emblematic venues – El Poble Espanyol – and with a rather industrial look, INPUT emerges as the perfect vehicle to rediscover club culture in the Barcelona and as the perfect chance to enjoy a cultural, fun and vanguardist experience. – (via https://www.inputbcn.com)

Culture Box / Copenhagen


Opened in 2005, Culture Box is not only the most prominent venue for electronic music in Denmark, but also used for a wide range of other events. During the weekends, the club delivers a solid line up of the best international and local artists of the underground music scene.

In the true spirit of representing the creme de la creme of electronic music they have had names like; Ruede Hagelstein, Cassy, Dubfire, Leon Vynehall, Araabmusik (pictured) amongst many others who have rocked the walls of this very special venue in the countries capital.

This concludes Clubs of the World (Part I). Part II coming in February


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