Name: Adam
Location: Rennes, France



I’m a 22 y.o. french guy, music producer and DJ. Originally known as a music digger for my youtube channel “Adam”. Still a university student.

I started to produce years ago but really tried harder since January 2018. I put out my first track in January and since then 3 others, one on the Australian label
‘With Me’ I put out as a free download at the end of last year. 2019 will be the year I’m putting out my debut-EP, which is a big deal to me. 

I’m part of Vandelay Radio where I have got my own show. It has been going since mid-2018 with the “2 hours to..” concept where I was playing two hours of tracks that I listen on a daily basis. Since November I’ve started a new series “Adam invites:” where I’m asking producers or industry people that I respect to join me on a virtual B2B. One hour from the guest and the other one from myself.

I played with Nahamasy in Lyon last June. I’m playing with DJ PSYCHIATRE on the 12th of January. Lelù supported my track “You Gotta” and played it last month in Belgrade with Baltra. Mou played one of my unreleased track in Rennes two months ago. M44K played “Inspirational” on (live on youtube).

About my style, I’d say that I’m stuck somewhere in producing lo-fi house, hazy/moody house and some breakbeats kind of vibes. You’ll see what I’m saying when my debut-EP comes out.  DJing wise, I can play pretty much anything, from classic stuff to lo-fi house. I made plenty of mixes/podcasts for Vandelay Radio, Truth Radio,, PalmStructure, Criminal Practice, welofi, Poolside Records. 

Favourite Tracks of 2018

Who would you like to collaborate on a track with and why?

Baltra. Definitely Baltra. He’s the one producer that inspires me the most. He has a unique touch but I think we would get along perfectly. His most recent track ideas really match my taste. We could definitely make something out of this world together. So…call me Baltra, let’s have some wine in Paris!

Which artists do you listen to the most for inspiration or enjoyment?

My favourite artists on the electronic music scene are definitely DJ Seinfeld and Baltra. I love these guys. I had the chance to meet DJ Seinfeld and have a drink night with him in Paris, it was such a good time and I’ve learned a lot from him about the music industry. Baltra inspires me a lot as I said, he’s one of the most creative producers out there. 

Which came first for you, producing or DJing?
Do you prefer one medium more over the other?

The one that came first was DJing. Of course, as a kid, I downloaded Virtual DJ and even though that’s really not the best software (definitely not the best haha), I really enjoyed using that. After a while, my best friend bought a controller (Pioneer ddj-sb) and so we started mixing on Serato, only for fun and sometimes for some little parties with my friends. I really do prefer DJing as I got much more experience with this than producing, I still do love producing even if this is harder for me.

What was the first album that really meant something to you and why?

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West. This one is my favourite album from my favourite artist ever. Every single track on this album is simply a masterpiece. Even his short film “Runaway” is incredible.


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