Name: Ulex (Don Newson)
Location: London, UK


Producer/DJ currently based in London, UK. Making all sorts of edits, deep house, minimal and broken techno tracks.

Co-founder/resident at Brighton based Missing People and Bristol-based Eminent nights/events.

Releases on Nightshift Records, Somos Duenos De La Noche, Juicy Traxxx, Horizon Recordings, Good Street Records and others.

Favourite Tracks

BW Hoe


Best event you have ever been to and why?

Dekmantel Selectors at The Garden, Croatia. DJs bringing their top game, highlights from 2018 include Willikens and Ivokvic B2B, Elena Colombi and probably the set of the year from Batu.

What first sparked your interest in electronic music?

Untrue by Burial really stirred something up inside me, a drive to find out how tracks like those were put together and imagined in the first place.

Which artists do you listen to the most for inspiration or enjoyment?

Jane Fitz always delivers a quality selection.

Why do you enjoy producing electronic music?

I’m not really too sure, I mostly just like making new sounds. Probably also a combination of the fact that you create something unique, the technical and artistic challenge of making sounds work together and having a finished track that I can play in my sets or send to friends, being proud of the end result.

Which are your all-time favourite labels to dig tracks from?

I try not to stay too constrained to particular labels because sounds can be quite diverse. I keep an eye out for releases on Mule Musiq, Aniara Recordings, Ostgut Ton, Rhythm Section and more recently Botanical Minds and East Enderz to name a few.

What is your go-to guilty pleasure track and why?

It’s got to be Benediction by Hot Natured, I played it recently at The Tempest Inn on the beach in Brighton, in the summer, in the sunshine and now my mates won’t let it go. Cheesy but it’s a banger. I think it was released back in 2013 just after I first moved to Bristol, reminds me of that time also.

Which came first for you, producing or DJing, Do you prefer one medium more over the other?

Producing first, which ultimately stemmed from playing the guitar, songwriting and then using a computer to process guitar, bass and drum machine tracks. The guitar was used less and less in the tracks until I realised I was just making electronic music. I was actually booked for my first show in Bristol, at Basement 45, before I could DJ. So that was a manic month or two persuading friends to let me practice on their CDJs before the show. It actually went alright. Soon after I bought decks and got a lot more into the DJ world.


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