Name: Jace Bryan
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland


J Wax is a producer/DJ based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has been releasing music for over a year now on such labels as Fade To Zaire, Hilltown Disco, Unit Two Records and Clipp art. With his debut EP coming out in the next few months. His producing style stems from many different areas from old skool house, breakbeat and Detroit electro. J Wax has been regularly playing live shows around the country the past year with very varied sets with mixes of acid, breakbeat, electro, house and much more. He is 1/5 of Dundee based record label Hilltown Disco and also is 1/5 of the Edinburgh based club night Palidrone.

My Favourite Tracks



Best event you have ever been to and why?

Ben UFO at Bongo Club 2016. This event was one of my first nights out in Edinburgh and I met tons of great people and also Ben UFO played an unreal set i won’t forget. 

Who would you like to collaborate on a track with why?

I’m a big fan of DJ Seinfeld’s productions (Especially the sakura EP) I find his sound very atmospheric and emotional but always featuring a tight beat which bangs in the clubs.

What first sparked your interest in electronic music?

When I was very young I really got into Nightmares on Wax, Leftfield, Moby and also the Bristol Trip Hop scene.

Why do you enjoy producing electronic music?

I don’t really know why I enjoy it, I just really do. I get easily excitable when making music and just get a buzz from it.

Which are your all time favourite labels to dig tracks from?

CPU Records, Scuffed Recordings, Natural Sciences, West End Communications and Craigie Knowes.

What is your favourite club and why?

Probably the Mash House in Edinburgh. It was the first club I played the decks at so it holds a special place in my heart and it is also where my collective Palidrone regularly hold nights.

Which came first for you, producing or DJing,
Do you prefer one medium more over the other?

Producing came first since I was always very interested in playing music and I just fell into it without even realising. DJing came later when I was about 18/19 and I love it so much but I do prefer producing, it’s been my favourite hobby for years.

What is the music scene like in Edinburgh at the moment?

The scene in Edinburgh is great! It’s really varied so there is something for everyone to enjoy. Clubs like Sneaky Pete’s, The Mash House and Bongo have had some amazing bookings and along with the promoters, the scene is really thriving.

Which clubs do you like to play at and why?

Probably Sneaky Pete’s in Edinburgh! It’s such a close atmosphere and amazing hype.

If you could offer one piece of advice to new DJ/Producers what would it be?

Just to put in as many hours in as possible and keep pushing.

What was the first single/record/album that really meant something to you and why?

Probably the Outkast album Aquemini, I just fell in love with the flows, production and overall vibe of the album and I still love it today.

How did you learn how to produce?

Mainly from youtube tutorials and I had a number of friends who are involved with production so we have always shared tips and helped each other

How would you describe your production style and overall sound?

I would say it’s kind of a mix of classic acid house with some breakbeat involved and some atmospheric elements. However, I feel that I still am discovering and crafting my sound.


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