Name: Zeleke
Location: Nancy (FR)


I am 23 years old, I live in France and I have produced music for 3 years.

I started to produce music via Fl Studio software to have fun in the beginning and then I started to really get into it by testing different styles of music. House was a genre that quickly caught my passion.

My first EP “Humanity” was released a year ago on Neo Apparatus Records. It was the first time I signed to a label and to achieve that made me really happy. I’m also part of a local collective called La Mount Family, it’s a producer association who are mostly friends of mine.

To talk about my style: I prefer percussive beats, saturated drums and melody rather than raw. I am also a big sampling fan! I love re-using music from the past and other era’s. I am inspired by many artists such as Adryiano, Kettama and Demuja.

Favourite Tracks


Best event you have ever been to and why?

I would say seeing Mr Oizo live at Cabaret Vert, a festival in the north of France. It was so energetic, I really had a great evening!

Who would you like to go B2B with and why?

I dream of mixing alongside Denis Sluta. He thrills his audience with properly diverse set. I find that he succeeds in surprising his audience, which I believe is the key to a good set.

Who would you like to collaborate on a track with why?

I would really say Adryiano! His style really speaks to me, I often find myself listening to and playing his tracks. I am very inspired by what he does, he really has a particular energy that I like! And moreover, he’s a cool guy, which is important if you want to work together.

Which are your all-time favourite labels to dig tracks from?

I would say: Shall Not Fade, Rutilance Recordings and Heist Records

Which clubs do you like to play at and why?

I live in Nancy in the east of France and there are two big clubs which are really cool to go listen to artists but also play: The Envers Club and L’Ostra Club.  If you are in Nancy, go to them! 

How did you learn how to produce?

I started teaching myself by following tutorials on youtube to learn the basics of mixing and producing. The internet is really great to find out how to easily handle music software.


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