Name: jxck.
Location: Belfast


I got into production probably around the first or second year of secondary school, I was intrigued by how everything worked and how different sounds were made and put together, the DJing side of it followed naturally as I got more into it. My main genre of production would be house music, predominantly disco house, but anything with a groovy beat goes. A lot of it is sample based, however, I have been experimenting with a couple of other sub genre’s to try and stay versatile.

I play locally in and around Belfast and have an ongoing bi-monthly residency at Secrets Nightclub up in Magherafelt – if you’re ever about to gimme a shout. I’ve had support from the likes of Friend Within, KETTAMA, Mark Blair, Mistrix etc. This year has been exceptional for me, from playing all over the Green Isle – north and south, along with headlining shows across the waters in the UK and even Austria.


Who would you like to collaborate on a track with why?

I’d love to do a collaboration with Bellaire, his production techniques are so groovy and interesting.

Why do you enjoy producing electronic music?

It allows me to have a break from reality and it feels good to create something other people enjoy.

What is your go-to guilty pleasure track and why?

You can’t whack a bit of Faith No More – Easy, because who doesn’t love it?

Which came first for you, producing or DJing
Do you prefer one medium more over the other?

I started producing before I got into DJing, I love them both.

Best event you have ever been to and why?

AVA Festival, so many international & local acts experimenting with so many unknown songs, and the atmosphere is insane.

What is the music scene like in Belfast at the moment?

It’s lethal – plenty of big artists being booked, but more importantly, there’s plenty of up and coming talent coming through the ranks, the likes of MATHESON, HYLO, HOTLINE, Kortana & Tiernan Hughes etc.


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