Name: Evgeniy Boychuk
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine


The Ukrainian wonder, Boychi is no stranger to Zone Focus. In 2018 he debuted on the channel with ’90s Rave’ – a breakbeat powerhouse which became one of the ZF’s best free downloads of last year. His follow-up release ‘Up To No Good’ dropped earlier this year and was a huge success, securing Boychi’s reputation for producing banging music.

Rising up through the Ukrainian underground scene, Boychi’s skills in both DJing and producing have seen him gain global acclaim. Never sticking to one genre, he smashes out releases in varying genres from breakbeat to techno, acid to industrial grooves. 

His list of works is extensive having released on Welofi, Disco Balls Records, Soviett Records and many other well-known labels. His third tune drop on the ZF SoundCloud series sees him step into the realm of 146bpm electro breakbeat. Sampling the distinctive lyrics of Clout by Offset, ‘Talk Crazy On Tweets’ is a thundering club-ready slammer.

Boychi is the first artist to feature on the brand new youtube visualiser series, exclusively designed by animation wizard Ally Baird. Check out the video below and head here to grab the free download.  


Best event you have ever been to and why?

Most likely it was our party that we do in Kyiv, the series of parties is called “Love and Dance” and our last meeting was in a great place, this open-air courtyard in Kyiv, where they made a bar. The party was excellent, overall the name speaks for itself. The positive and uninhibited vibes are what it’s all about.

Скорее всего это была наша вечеринка, которую мы делаем в Киеве, серия вечеринок называется «Любовь и танцы» и наша крайняя встреча прошла в отличном месте, это обычный двор под открытым небом Киева, где сделали бар. Вечеринка прошла отлично, в целом название говорит само за себя. Позитивные вибрации, раскованный вайб это все об этом.

Who would you like to go B2B with and why?

Hmmmm… I would be very interested to play a set with a man like David Vunk. He’s a very interesting musician and I believe he is very interesting as a person.

Хмммм… Мне очень интересно было бы отыграть сэт с таким человеком, как David Vunk, очень интересный музыкант и уверен, что очень интересный, как личность.

What first sparked your interest in electronic music?

I think it first started with listening to the radio, but when I first visited a nightclub when I was 16….that when it really started for me.

Я думаю, что все пошло с радио и первого посещения ночного клуба в 16 лет… Тогда то все и началось


Which artists do you listen to the most for inspiration or enjoyment?

There are no specific ones. I try to keep track of loads because nowadays there are so many artists who make very good productions but remain unnoticed.

Конкретного нет, стараюсь следить за многим, потому как в наше время есть множество артистов, которые делают очень хороший продукт, но остаются незамеченными.

Why do you enjoy producing electronic music?

Because there are no boundaries. You can create anything groovy, whatever sound and so on…

Потому что тут нет границ. ты можешь создать какой угодно грув, какой угодно звук и так далее…

How would you describe your production style and overall sound?

I would call myself multi-genre. I write more house/disco house music, but you can create so many different things, so I have demos of different works. Some disco-EBM / dark disco and so on. There is electro, and there are productions in breakbeat.

Я бы назвал себя мультижанровый. я больше пишу хаус/диско-хаус музыку, но можно создать ооочень разные вещи, у меня лежат демо работы, какого-то Диско-ЕБМ/дарк диско и тд, есть електро, а есть работы в брейксе.

If you could meet any person from the underground music scene
who would it be and why?

Very interesting artists such as DJ DISRESPECT, Stranger, Djedjotronic and EVIL DUST. These are all musicians who write in a completely different style and have an interesting sound, there is definitely something to learn from them. It is certainly not the whole list, only those who immediately came to mind.

Очень интересные такие артисты как DJ DISRESPECT, Stranger, Djedjotronic, EVIL DUST. Это все музыканты, которые пишут совершенно другой стиль и у них интересный звук, есть чему поучиться, это конечно не весь список, только те кто сразу пришёл на ум.

What is your favourite club and why?

For me, it’s the artists who play their sets that’s the important thing. It doesn’t matter what kind of club I’m in, I am ready to just listen to the artist.

Для меня важен список артистов, которые дают свои сэти, не имеет значение, что за клуб, я готов слушать интересующего меня артиста где угодно


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