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‘SHUVT’ came about during my 2nd-year graphics course project. I had 6 months to do a personal investigation into something I had an interest in with the goal of displaying my design capabilities across various mediums. I decided I wanted to come up with a ‘concept’ for a skateboarding clothing brand. At the time I was following palace, element, thrasher and other brands a lot so initially drew a lot of inspiration there. The name itself came from dropping the letter ‘I’ out of the simple skateboard move ‘SHUVIT’, resulting in ‘SHUVT’. I felt the name was simple to remember as well as being available on all platforms and domain registrations, so I went for it and built the concept brand on that.


Later on, after I turned 18 and went to university, I got into rave culture a lot both reading about the past scene and getting involved more in the Bristol scene which is heavily filled with local independent promoters running nights, plenty of talents across all age groups and genres alongside many artists like myself involving themselves in the scene by designing the promotional material for a lot of the things going on.

Here I found similar admiration for the people running their independent nights as I had for the people running their own Independent fashion brands. I found I was more passionate about the various underground music scenes in the world than just skating and still wanted to run my own clothing brand after having put SHUVT on ice after my college time. So, I started to over the course of 6 months adapt my college project concept brand into a viable brand focused around rave culture both past and present.

The Mask Jumper

A lot of the styles and ideas probably come from the fact I never really leave the house without my camera or notepad in my backpack and whatever interesting looking things I come by, be it an interesting street or finding a track shuffling the explore pages on Spotify that evoke a certain feeling I write down or sketch what comes to mind.

Later on, I tend to sit there and review the sort of creative inputs I experienced during that day and attempt to pull it all together. Sometimes that works out, sometimes it doesn’t but that’s all part of the process I particularly enjoy. One of the most rewarding feelings for me is feeling a sort of adrenaline headrush when I think about how I’m going to put a design idea together and it all falls into place.

My influences definitely stem a lot from being in such a creative city such as Bristol, constantly surrounded by the music and events in genres I base the brand around (House & Techno primarily) while also often speaking with some of my family members that were directly involved in the scene, DJing and attending raves regularly. Some of my own independent research into the fashion trends of the late 80s, 90s and early 2000s all melt together into a mental mood board that I use to explore the designs for the brand.

FireStarter Tshirt (2)IDENTITY

I think SHUVT falls into a pretty narrow niche of people that are either directly involved in the underground music and rave scene or those that regularly attend events and listen to the music. The essential problem I currently see with a lot of Rave inspired clothing and brands is that despite the rise in popularity of house & techno, and the fashion that accompanies it’s mostly unimaginative. A black t-shirt with the words ‘TECHNO’ written on it or neon tops saying ‘HOUSE DIVA’ to me draw no true inspirations from the scenes vibrant history, and don’t convey any of the things and feelings that make the scene so great.

SHUVT, as mentioned, draws on the exact feelings that people experience at these events, the history, conflict and change of the scene over time really aiming to involve all things rave culture related to going beyond just clothing, creating a brand that has rave culture at heart beyond simple sayings printed on various products.

Rave Mask Jumper & Afterparty LongSleeveMUSIC

When it comes to music I really don’t discriminate, there’s barely anything I personally don’t listen to genre-wise. SHUVT to me keeps house & techno at heart though, it’s the music I listen to the most and basically always when I’m working on the brand. Both small artists & bigger ones alike, what makes the scene is so great to me is that at times the mainstream and underground can form a synergy for everyone to enjoy themselves at together no matter if you only listen to the music at these events or if they also play a much bigger part of your life.

Scouting Out The Rave LookbookTHE FUTURE

I really want to just keep growing the brand at a nice pace, for me, SHUVT is an ongoing passion project along with my daily freelance work, I want to ensure the brand stays authentic to its ideals. In the future I really want to build the brand to be bigger than just clothing releases, maybe look at throwing a few little nights, endorsing artists, labels and more that I enjoy and really want to help push.

I suppose a hugely ambitious goal would be to make SHUVT to raves what Palace & Supreme once were to skaters before they hit the big leagues, but ensure that SHUVT keeps its values close to heart along the whole journey.

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