Name: Baume
Location: Grenoble/Rouen (France)


I’m a French DJ and music producer, I started making music about 7 years ago in the South East of France, at the foot of the Alps.

I was mainly influenced by Hunee’s vibe, Joe Claussel’s craziness, and Antal’s selections. I’m constantly trying to offer something new to my audience. House? Afro? Techno? Acid? Disco? All will depend on the moment.

As a producer, my creations are known as the Love Edits, which are now played around the world now. I also recently created my own label: Records or not Records. I’m also part of the Fresh Take Records, Soundmotion Label and Nymphony Records.

I’m the regular resident DJ for the Rave Factory and Disco House Session collectives Additionally I’ve performed at 93 Feet East in London and more regularly at la Belle Electrique (Grenoble), Le Petit Salon (Lyon). In the past, I’ve supported artists like Hunee, Floating Points, Camion Bazar, Palms Trax Point G, Antal, Mezigue, Renart, Crystal Geometry, Broken English Club or Trym.

Favourite Tracks


Which came first for you, producing or DJing?
Do you prefer one medium more over the other?

I first started DJing 7 years ago, and producing came naturally a few months later.  These are for me two very different passions, that I still found complementary. I’ve successfully found the right balance between both, to never get bored by one or another and continue improving in each domain. But they do have one common objective: share some emotions.

How would you describe your production style and overall sound? 

It has always been hard for me to put some words on my style, to categorize myself, for both DJing and production. I enjoy so much discovering and playing many kinds of music, that I’m constantly evolving. All will depend on how I’m feeling, my inspirations and my latest discoveries. I am also very inspired by the people I love, people I meet and what I learn from them.

Which festival do you like to play and why? 

There are so many festivals that it makes it hard to select one. I’ll go for the ones I’ve been lucky enough to attend, and top of that list is Astropolis in France because of its history and the values it carries. And of course, Dekmantel, that gathers a lot of the artists that influenced me.

What is the music scene like in Grenoble at the moment?

It’s a young and promising scene. There’s an energy and mutual support from the different associations and DJs that you will find nowhere else. The clubs and crowds are also amazing, which makes the place unique. Keep an eye on this town for the upcoming years…

What is your go to guilty pleasure track and why? 

Right now, I would say the end credits of the movie “Castle in the Sky” made by Hayao Miyazaki:  Joe Hisaishi – 君をのせて.

For me, movie soundtracks are very important as I feel like it’s another aspect of music from which we can get a lot of inspiration.


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