People searching for answers on the internet is a long held past-time of the digital age, arguably the core function of the world wide web itself. Social media forums are filled with pondering people asking questions on a daily basis, and music enthusiasts are amongst the most curious. These Q&A sessions often result in nuggets of useful knowledge being passed down, so we thought we’d make our own enquiries with our fan basis in our article new series titled Question Mark. This week we asked;

What is the best thing about running a label?

Here is a round-up of all the responses, thank you to everyone that took the time to comment!

Curating and building something that people recognise and come to love, the same way I myself hold other labels that I love in high regard. It’s a special feeling to see someone express that same admiration for your own creative work.”
Adam Rees
Paradiso Records

“Shining a light on amazing artists, especially when their too modest to do it themselves.” 
Tommy Dockree

Helping producers succeed and acting as a stepping stone for bigger things, the humble ones remember where they came from!”
Matt Delicate
Misplaced Recordings

It’s so humbling and honestly just energising to see and hear unheard artists or unreleased music and get that feeling of holy sh*t – this is exciting. We love the process of phoning the artists and getting to know what makes them tick. The rewarding feeling and sense of accomplishment when you release a tune is something that’s hard to match. Made even better if an artist you work with goes on to great things.Susan Montgomery
Dealt With Records

“Being able to help artists and watch them grow.”
Liam Smith
Midnight People

From a marketing viewpoint, It’s exciting to see an artist bring their vision for their music and then combine it with the labels ethos and outlook. A release on a label shouldn’t be a solo project in my eyes but an amalgamation of different groups.

The artists vision for the music has attracted the labels attention hence it’s signed but a good label will amplify the artists message through its own voice and in theory give it a greater platform to succeed.
Tom Leek
Random Rave Project

“It’s all about chasing the dream of running a successful label and discovering new talent whilst doing so.”
Will Pugh
JRNI Records

“Creative freedom, being able to experiment and develop ideas that wouldn’t be possible at a larger label. Be part of a process where artists grow on their journey. That and a good excuse to dig for more tunes.”
Red Verse
Loose Fit Records

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