Our Tunes We Dig series continues with a man that needs little introduction. A DJ and content creator who is well known for his constant support of the dance music scene, regularly sharing up-and-coming artists to his massive online following. We speak, of course, of Moskalus.

One of the hardest working selectors on the circuit, you can find a whole host of mixes made by the Czech craftsman online. For his first feature on the magazine we asked him to delve into his digital record bag for some gems.

Kaidi Tatham & Andrew Ashong – Sankofa Song

Something for the jazzy underground heads! Kaidi Tatham needs no further introduction. Not only is he the pioneer of broken beat, but he has been keeping the sound alive for more than twenty years. What I love about this track is that it’s so universal, you can mix it with jazzy house or uk funky and it will still be on point. Totally useful when I’m trying to blend more genres in a mix.

Konerytmi – Kalevala

When it comes to electro, I’m more into a futuristic sound. This is a great combination of detroit and the producers’ very own style. Compared to Drexciyan sound, this one does not go under the water, but travels through the universe. 

Khotin – Groove 32

I’ve been in love with Khotin’s dreamy style for years. There’s always been something special about a certain kind of sound that comes from canadian producers. You know a tune is great when you go into your own little world and only realise you’ve been day dreaming when it ends.

Silkie – Big 45

Silkie is one of my favourite dubstep producers, because no matter how hard the tune is, he still finds a way to keep it jazzy & funky at the same time! For me, this is a perfect peak-time tune as it gives you a little bit of mellow vibes before you get slapped again! DEEP MEDI at it’s very finest.

Hudson Mohawke – Sweet Silverskin

Hudson Mohawke finally released this track after seven long years! It was worth the wait. This kind of sound makes me feel monumentally positive while it plays. I really love the american approach to bass music, it’s I can’t wait to go to the gym again and work out to it, haha!

For more Tunes We Dig – Head on over to our Spotify playlist!

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