Five fantastic books about clubbing and the music industry.

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Guest writer and good friend of ZF, Stefano Lariccia drops in to chat about some great reads that revolve around clubbing and the music industry…

In this difficult time of the global pandemic, social gathering is reduced to mere essential. Tragically as a part of this fact, we are not allowed to travel or to go clubbing. To anyone who has read this magazine before will know we are passionate about both.

We have decided to come to your rescue by recommending you great books about clubbing. We want to help you travel and reconnect with music, not with your body, but with your head and soul. These volumes offer a unique take and connection to the world of dance music.

Here you will find an array of styles and amazing stories of fascinating characters and places. From history to real-life legends; from awfully bad villains to hedonistic heroes. Clubbing is our life, the club is our church, so while we are waiting for all this to blow over, let’s get stuck into a good read! It’s the best way to keep your mind fresh and brilliant and to uplift your spirit. 

How Not To Run A Club – Peter Hook

Written by the legendary bassist of Joy Division and New Order, the story leads us through a period and the crazy lifestyle that came with it in the city that everyone used to call Madchester. A musical anthology that takes us from the post-punk era to the opening of the legendary club The Hacienda.

The book goes over the mismanagement, the economic troubles, the gangs at war for the control of the racket and the unforgettable music. A real insider view of what really happened, a tale that will help you to understand how reality sometimes can be more absurd than fantasy.
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Dead Man Trousers – Irvine Welsh

In the third chapter of the Trainspotting saga, the celebrated Scottish author brings us once again into the life of our old buddies; Rents, Sickboy, Begbie and Spud. Rents is now a DJ agent, chatting shit about house music and having to tolerate the whims of his prima donna DJs. 

Leith’s gloomy atmosphere and the loose morals of the characters, drag us into a relentless vortex of desperation, comedy and sublime cruelty. If you want to know what an illegal kidney transplant and a night in a Berlin club have in common, well, this book has the answer. 

Kill Your Friends – John Niven

An international bestseller and debut novel of the Scottish author, it narrates the story of an A&R manager, working in the London music industry during the 90s. Raw, harsh, evil but also freaking funny. 

The rhythm is fast and furious, you will be hooked in no time. Page after page you will learn how these misfits live, grotesquely think and how they almost manage to implode within the industry. Drugs, violence, backstabbing, sex, and other drugs. It seems that after all, if you want to get to the top, what you need to do is kill your friends.

The White Island – Stephen Armstrong

How is it possible that a tiny island in the south of Europe became one of the most iconic places in the world? Armstrong investigates the engaging and compelling history of the most famous island in the Mediterranean Sea. Ibiza never ceases to amaze and enchant visitors from all around the world. But what is it exactly that attract so many people, what is her secret?

Armstrong takes us from the very beginning of the first settlements to the heydays of clubbing. A place where people from around the world meet to feel music and love. An island that went against the grain, where amazing outcasts created an alternative way of thinking and a real paradise of hedonism.

Mr Pikes – Tony Pike and Matt Trollope

The story behind a true Ibiza legend, who contributed to the white isle by building a Balearic institution. From his difficult childhood to his life in Australia, his travels around the seven seas and the decision to settle down in the White isle, all is revealed in this captivating read.

Over the chapters, you read into the creation of what is considered to be the first boutique hotel, his unstoppable hunger for sex and his wild relationship with Grace Jones. Amazing anecdotes about legendary costumers like Julio Iglesias and Freddie Mercury, not to mention the famous Club Tropicana music video are all in this incredible memoir.

If your taste for reading has been invigorated and you are craving for more books, then we have other 5 titles that you may find interesting:

Stefano Lariccia

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