KAYCEE is a DJ hailing from Dublin’s fair city who has been making waves in the Underground scene with an impressive array of club appearances under her belt also making appearances at festivals B.D & Goodvibes Day along with international support slots such as Paul Woolford & Stephanie Sykes just to name a few.

KAYCEE’s musical taste and direction is heavily influenced by old school sounds with an exception of her own modern day twist thrown in This multi-genre disc jockey is quite far from predictable. You never know what to expect from her bouncing high energy sets ranging from Italo right through to stomping Trance & Techno however it’s always exactly what the crowd are waiting for.

Showcasing some of that eclectic style, she divulges some of her favourite Spotify selects for the March edition of Tunes We Dig. Check it her choices below!

Bileo – You Can Win

This song is one of my all time favourites & i felt it deserved to be included in my top 5 because this song brings me so much joy it’s extremely motivating and uplifting and never fails to bring me out of bad mood when i’m feeling down, not only that i hold this song very close to heart as it reminds me of when i first found dance music and is one of the very first songs i fell in love with.

Alan Dixon – Acid Drop

I’m a massive fan of anything Alan Dixon puts out he is such an amazing producer and he is def one of my all time favorites, this track os no.1 for me because it has all of my favourite components a track needs and that’s a 303 a fantastic piano and multiple key changes each section of this song slowly drifts into the next making it a nice blend and a constant flow of emotion.

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Urban Hype – Trip To Trumpton

I couldn’t not include this track in my top 5. It would have been extremely criminal if I didn’t.I first heard this track played by the big man himself Sunil Sharp at the old District 8.Its no secret im a lover of breakbeat and anything old skool so when i heard this track i fell instantly in love with it ! this track to me just screams 90’s warehouse rave i just feel it completely captures that entire era perfectly.Put it this way if the 90’s rave scene was a track this is what he/she would sound like.

Marmion – The Spark,Flame,Fire (The Moon & Sun Remix)

Where do i even start with this track oh my god….okay first of all the intro… FANTASTIC secondly wait for that kick drum..Still not convinced?? hmm.. okay just wait for the 303 and if you’re not hooked by then im sorry i think you need to see someone. This track is so full of energy, and constantly builds and builds and you just keep thinking it can possibly build anymore but you are wrong! which is something a lot of new music today is lacking. This track is a perfect example of how the 1990s did it better.

Bronski Beat – SmallTown Boy

A song that needs no introduction. I’m not going to lie, I’m a sucker for that bassline and it was very popularly sampled by supermode. Everything about this track is amazing from the lead vocals right through to those keys and synths they would definitely be the standout elements  to me in this track.Each element in this track constantly compliments each other building alongside one another creating a fantastic drift and flow always bringing me into a trance.


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