Pop Culture Pick: Stranger Things

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Swiss producer and live artist Mono-Tone steps for up guest writing duties on this month’s edition of Pop Culture Pick. A true artisan who is influenced by the landscapes and nature of his home country, his music traverses through genre archetypes, arriving at a sonic destination which was previously unknown. His most recent creation, Krater 3000 EP will be released on Friday 26th March through London label Midnight People.

First though for his article, he flicked through his favourite TV shows and picked out a sweet slice of retro-themed science fiction – the thrilling Netflix original drama Stranger Things.

Every time I hear parts of Stranger Things soundtrack, I feel transported; smelling the smoky air of the 80s, viewing water downed colours, dreaming to explore new spatial horizons. All my senses are altered by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein’s musical masterpiece.

Beyond the homage to great artists of the 80s such as Tangerine Dreams, Nicolas Jarre, Giorgio Moroder, and the genuine time travel suggested by these sounds, the veritable tour de force resides in the paradoxical feeling of facing vividly the fragility of Humanity and our deep inexplicable fears through synthesizers.

Kids, first track of the show, is light, innocent, full of harmonies – the simple pleasure of being alive can be experienced.

The Upside Down comes next and the atmosphere changes drastically: emptiness, darkness and dizziness are the master words. We feel a pernicious yet tempting attraction. Death is where we inexorably lead to… at an upsetting pace!

Fresh Blood and Hanging Lights, brief but intense tracks, seem to remind us the strength, the puissance of the unperceivable forces through smartly arpeggiated notes.

It’s impossible to imagine Stranger Things’ experience without this subtle yet epic music.

Lucas // Mono – Tone

The Krater 3000 EP, a cosmic-disco journey from Switzerland to the world. Mono-Tone delivers three crisp originals filled with cosmic sounds, chugging basslines and acid squelches.

Lobster Theremin, Futureboogie & Nocturne affiliate Tech Support completes the EP with his remix of Panoramid. A nostalgic trip; picture I Feel Love basslines with Spacer Woman snares, Tech Support doesn’t miss.

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