Guest Writer: Ruth Casey

As the dance music scene and industry grows bigger and more diverse each day, with that comes fresh, new and inspiring talent. Today I’ll be talking about five artists I think are destined for big things in time to come.

Sam T Harper

Lancaster-based deep house and techno DJ and producer Sam T Harper has been playing his local club scene and afar for several years now. With a bedroom-based studio, he produces the most authentic, locally sourced beats. Recently, he successfully achieved a number-one single on the Beatport progressive house charts with his remix of Mikx & Khaki – Heavy on his label Aether Recordings.


Someone I have been following for a while now, it has been a listening pleasure watching UK based Sean Jennings grow and evolve as a producer and DJ of minimal, deep tech and deep house variety. He has a very noticeable sound and his production and sound engineering skills have improved massively, particularly over the last six months. With releases on Rawsome Deep and Swerve Digital as well as his own brand, FLIRT, which has developed from a monthly mix series into a label. There will hopefully be some events to come this summer too. With Jennings, there is something new and eclectic each time.

Ewan Thomas

One Mancunian making movements is Ewan Thomas. He only has just one single out so far – Breathe, released only last month on Spotify and Apple Music. I discovered him via Instagram through a mutual friend, and really liked what I heard when I listened to the snippet of this track on his story. It features low-fi ambient sounds with a catchy beat throughout with some coherent Four Tet influences. I am really keen to see what comes next from him.

Tommy Farrow

Tommy Farrow has already achieved soaring success with the electronic Let’s Just from his debut EP “Lets Just / Can’t Explain” on Stress Records, released back in May 2020. The track featured on Radio 1 on Annie Mac’s show as the hottest record in the world in August and was then remixed by Jansons in October. The man about Sheffield has remixed big tracks such as Rudimental’s Come Over and Rules by Hot Since 82. After the victories of 2020, This year is set to be even bigger for Mr Farrow.


Finally on the list is no other than Mexico’s very own Jizz (no innuendo intended, that really is his DJ name!). He is a DJ and a producer of Mexican deep tech and house – which he is incredibly skilled at. His tracks overflow with groove and are perfect to escort you to a dance floor. His latest release is his Bring It EP, released in February this year.

Each uniquely talented, all of these artists have something exciting and stimulating to bring to the table. As things go back to normal, and the rave scene becomes alive again, stay tuned, as 2021 is set to be a big year for all of them. Is there anyone you thought should have been on our list? Let us know in the comments below!

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