Deadpm is a 24-year-old electronic music producer and DJ from Yorktown Heights New York. Rising up the ranks of the online alt-electronic scene he has already seen great success on HOUZ and Fresh Take Records. He joins ZF with a good-times vibe type of tune, Space Coupe is a cosmic take on the disco house genre, perfect for play during the springtime.

Akin to his recently release with ourselves, his song inclusions for Tunes We Dig are full of upbeat grooves. Perfect for playout on newly sunlit terraces, this collection of tracks will put a spring in your dancing step.

DJ Streaks – The Best Rapper Alive

As soon as I heard the Pokémon sample at the beginning of this track i immediately fell in love. The vibe is consistent and magical. Throughout all the bangers I’ve heard this past year, this track remains memorable.

Tim Ayre – I Want It (1-800 GIRLS remix)

Sunset rooftop feels right here. I’ll close out a live set with this track one day. 

Dombresky – Housology

Now, there’s a ton of house tracks that have vocals that say “house” or say some very generic/passionate things about house music that make me cringe. Not usually a fan of that. This track only says the word house once, and is an exception. Dombresky killed this. 

Lxury  – Guess

There isn’t enough buzz on Lxury, like for real. This is a modern classic to me and you’ll always find his tracks on my sets. The vocal sample, his style of drums and the layers of this track are mesmerizing.

A-Trak, Ferreck Dawn – Coming Home

First time I’ve heard the sample of this song was on Breaking Bad (where Walt blows up that jerk’s BMW at the gas station) And this is the first time I’ve heard someone sample that song. Grooves are huge here. 



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