Et Al is a producer and DJ based in Aberdeen. A regular at the Tunnels as well as playing gigs all around Scotland, he first caught the attention of the wider scene with a series of free download edits on Soundcloud. He has since developed his sound to a more mature level, with tracks spanning the electro and breaks spectrum while balancing introspective tracks with more club-oriented music.

With a debut physical EP slated for later in 2021, as well as some big collaborations, it’s shaping up to be a busy year for him. Heading up the May to June edition of TWD, he drops some serious breakbeat selections into our playlist, which is now over 200 followers (thank you to our loyal followers!)

Desert Sound Colony- Echo Shaper

Desert Sound Colony is one of the best producers around right now in my opinion and this was my favourite from his EP Pulled Through the Wormhole. It’s an interesting breakbeat number with loads going on, with an energy that’ll only be done true justice in a big dark basement.

Heritage – The Revelation

Scuffed is one of my favourite labels at the minute and this track by Heritage is absolutely lovely. Dreamy breaks with some interesting switch ups, it’s another top release.

Pagan – Never Known

It’s absolutely criminal that I’ve not been able to play this out yet, a really blistering house track from Pagan and probably one of my favorites of the last year!

Cameo Blush – In Cadence

I first heard this when the unknown – untitled label put it up without any info and was instantly impressed. This was the standout from that EP, with really cool progression and some tripped out sampling that reminds me of some Ross From Friends stuff.

J Wax – The Way

This laid back electro track with a dreamy vocal has been one of the favourites of the year so far for me. J Wax has been turning out great song after great song but this one’s definitely infectious and will definitely get stuck in your head!

Et Al


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