Zone Focus is an ongoing set of creative projects combining music and visual arts together for presentation through various mediums. Operating on multiple online platforms ZF concentrates on independent alternative journalism as the main focal point of its subject matter. The primary objectives are to; inform, entertain and inspire.

“The thing that drives us, that is a pleasure and a passion, that is Zone Focus”


  • 5 Minutes with…series
    This is the most frequent article that is featured on the ZF site. The article consists of an interview with underground music DJs and Producers. This is linked with a mp3 or WAV file free download which can be found on our Soundcloud. We focus on alternative electronic dance music acts from around the world to bring you unique and exclusive insights into their lives and sounds.
  • Label Space
    The secondary music related article focuses on underground labels and music brands who contribute to the industry through their releases and related projects. These articles are accompanied by a mix produced by the label boss. These mixes represent the labels sound and will feature the best sounds from around the world. We collaborate closely with the most exciting companies and organisations who we love and we’re sure you will too.
  • Viewpoint
    Currently the newest development on the Zone Focus site. This article project’s purpose is to showcase photographers and artists work from around the world. We link this with a special feature on our Instagram. We give each artist complete creative freedom on each article, allowing them a space for open expressiveness. We hope you enjoy the visual presentations that we bring to you through viewpoint.
  • Top Ten 

    In an era where the internet provides us with an unlimited supply of information. We all spend a lot of our time surfing the internet for the best music to add to our digital record collection. Here at ZF we take pride in our knowledge of electronic sounds and to spread this knowledge around we collate our favourite tracks into a simple but successful format, A Top 10 list. We’ll be visiting some gigs and inviting some friends into the series as well.