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Lust EP

For many, electronic music production is a calling, an activity that gives a sonically inspired person purpose. Following a transformative period in his life, Northern UK producer Levi David regained a passionate desire to return to the studio, reaffirming that sound design is existentially essential for him as an artist.

Utilising this momentum, he went onto create a 3-track project which told an encompassing past through to new beginnings story. The result was the Lust EP, titled for the revitalisation of the artist’s love for life and making music. 

The release strikes a dynamic balance between introspective deepness and high octane excitement by combining dreamlike elements and energetic components in equal measure. The reflective nature of each song aims to transport the listener on a sub-conscious journey, connecting and reflecting on memories old and new.

The opening track, Divine sets the stage with dramatic undertones, whilst capturing the imagination with melodic progression. Paying homage to the artists’ hometown and early clubbing roots, Entropy reminisces on a time gone by with hopeful keys and joyous sampling. The final curtain comes in the form of the EP’s galvanising title track, Lust; an elevating vocal hook fused with 90s big beat close out the release in a hair-raising and powerful style.

Levi David

Levi David is a fast-emerging dance music talent, who has been composing tunes and spinning the northern clubbing scene for over a decade. He began cutting his teeth early in life, at the age of ten he would produce edits of tracks he’d heard in his childhood during the second summer of love. By his mid-teens, he already achieved his goal of DJing on vinyl, a skill which has shaped his relationship with electronic sounds ever since. 

During his musical journey, his alter-ego projects have crossed over many genres. Over the last 18 months, however, a significant shift in his surroundings has driven a reconnection with music. With a lust for life renewed, Levi has returned to the studio with an unprecedented amount of energy to pour into his productions.

Levi has an innate passion for melody-driven storytelling within his tracks; transporting his audience to a sonically spiritual realm by blending his life experiences with emotionally driven ethereal edits.

His connection with Zone Focus started 10 years ago when he met Mike ZF at a student house party. The two became close friends and later formed the club night Sealed, together, riding the house renaissance of the early 2010s. Throughout the years, they collaborated further on other projects including a release on ZF’s alternative compilation, O R B I T A L.

2020 has been an auspicious year for Levi with features on Dancefloor Romancer, Progressive Dreamers and Club Mood Vibes. These releases served as the foundation for another project which honed on his exploration of deeper more melodic sounds.

The spiritually guided electronic music outfit JRNI (pronunciation: juh-nee) was established, made as an outlet for Levi and his fellow co-founder, Will Pugh to make their first moves in a voyage of musically connected discovery. The duo decided on a darker direction, drawing inspiration from the symphonic depths of techno culture. 

This project saw them recently team up with ITSHEr and Stress Record’s Tommy Farrow for a live stream event working with mental health charity, CALM. With more live streams and imminent releases on the horizon, the future looks infinitely bright for this promising brand.

Life-changing catalysts come once in a blue moon. Levi David saw a new light and has taken the energy drawn to begin an elevated expedition which will see him shine through in 2021. 

SC: https://soundcloud.com/levidaviduk
IG: https://www.instagram.com/levidaviduk/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/levidaviduk/

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