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Through experimentation and off-the-cuff producing, Irish producer MATHESON has explored a spacey sonic style which resulted in the self-published LVM3 EP release in 2019. Exactly one year on, the same methodology shines through in ZF002.

In his Belfast home studio, MATHESON spent the first few months of 2020 crafting contrasting electronic vibes in the Virtue EP. Each segment of the release was made with a purpose to be played out in juxtaposed environments, in tandem suitable for home-listening and dance floor domination.

Big airy synth pads drenched in reverb and dynamic percussion act as the EP’s foundation whilst magnetic structuring distinctively defines each track. With this in mind, the straightforward and stripped back Stretch serves a set opener, encouraging clubbers to take that first step onto the dance floor.

The EP’s signature track Virtue is a primed for peak-time selection with it’s driving drums and big room breakbeat style. MATHESON makes his closing statement in Dior, drawing together varying components to create a multi-situational sound.




Lewis Mathieson’s music career started at the tender age of 10. After receiving Numark CDJ for Christmas, he pursued his love of music by teaching himself how to mix and blend using his favourite Eminem records. 8 years later, alias MATHESON started working his way through the ranks of Belfast’s underground scene.

Most weekends you can find him playing with his posse at OCD, a party dedicated to the hottest house and techno situated in The Art Department. Travelling up and down Ireland for gigs he has supported the likes of Harrison BDP, Adryiano, Carlton Doom and X-Coast.

“One of my biggest career highlights so far would be handing the reigns over to Jasper James on Halloween night in Belfast. Had such a sick time playing for Industry, big respect to them for booking me!”

Lewis (pictured: third from right) with the OCD crew

On the production front, MATHESON keeps a steady stream of hits flowing out of his custom home-built studio. He’s the first to admit that his earlier unreleased works were EDM trash, but through perseverance, he’s created a sound that’s entirely his own.

“I like to think my tracks have a fair amount of energy and vary in vibe. Mainly so I can diversify my sets, that’s what I strive for.”

With tracks on labels like Eyeangle, Roux Records and BT23, each new released sound has seen his style dynamically develop. Additional support from Liam Doc, DABJ and Four Four Magazine have been a primary factor in his rapid success.

Lewis spends his days off listening to artists like Roza Terenzi, D.Tiffany, Fio Fa and Or:La, who play a big part in inspiring him to produce music. Furthermore, digging from labels like Radiant Love and Pear, keeping his music arsenal well stocked.

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